Prevent Mosquito-Borne Illness With A Working Mosquito Misting System For Your Outdoor Space in Houston

While most people in the US consider mosquitoes a mild annoyance, these tiny insects are actually quite deadly and are responsible for more than 1 million deaths globally each year. Luckily death by a mosquito isn’t a huge problem in the US, though they are responsible for over 1000 deaths and illnesses combined each year.

Misting Systems

One way you can keep mosquitoes from invading your yard is by installing a misting system. Misting systems don’t even require maintenance or upkeep. Further, to ensure the best results are achieved without wasting energy, these systems typically run automatically only during times when mosquito activity is at its highest.

Some of the Viruses That Mosquitoes Carry & Why It’s Important To Maintain Your Houston Mosquito Misting System

West Nile Virus

West Nile virus was originally discovered in 1937 in Uganda, Africa, and has since spread all across the world. West Nile virus has symptoms that mimic those of the flu and includes things like fever and body aches. In more serious cases, those affected can suffer from dizziness, a stiff, and overall muscle weakness. Luckily, the vast majority of West Nile virus sufferers will never have any of these more serious symptoms.

Heart Worms

This nasty little parasite doesn’t affect humans but is primarily a problem for dogs, cats, and other animals. Animals are infected with heartworms after being bitten by infected mosquitoes. Once heartworm larva have entered the body, they will eventually make their way into the host’s heart, where they will continue to grow. Heartworms are mostly a concern for dog owners because infected dogs will eventually die without treatment.


Encephalitis is a serious condition involving inflammation of the brain and is one of the more serious health issues attributed to mosquitoes. Typically, encephalitis begins as a mild virus that often clears up on its own, but in many cases, it spreads into the central nervous system and worsens. The most well-known form of encephalitis is Eastern Equine encephalitis, which infects humans and horses both.


Malaria was eliminated in the US for all intents and purposes during the 1940s, but other nations haven’t been so lucky, especially countries within Africa where millions die each year from the disease These deaths do not have to happen, however, because malaria is easily treated and is preventable.

Mosquito System Maintenance in Houston

If you are purchasing a misting system, it is well understood why you are doing so, with the main purpose being so that you can enjoy your outdoor space without pests. In fact, that is the systems only purpose. After your misting system has been installed and set up and optimized properly for your environment, you should have no problems with it at all, but if you do, Robert Huff Illuminations will gladly take care of any Houston mosquito system maintenance problems.

With a service plan offered by Robert Huff Illuminations, you can count on us to refill your system when necessary, and all it takes is a simple call to our office, at which point one of our trained technicians will happily pay you a visit and refill your system accordingly. For those do-it-yourselfers who prefer handling such things themselves, the Pyrethrum can be ordered from us as needed. If you would like more information on the service and maintenance options we have available, check out our website.

If you aren’t web savvy and prefer speaking with an actual person, all it takes is a phone call. If mosquitoes and other flying pests are taking over your yard, give Robert Huff Illuminations a call and let us help you take back it back.

Just give us a call today and ask for your free estimate. Then you can say goodbye to mosquitoes forever!