Any Outdoor Lighting Landscape Designer Can Attest That Houston’s Monthly Electricity Bill Is A Big One

  • Professionals in the outdoor landscape lighting industry know that a household spend quite a large sum of money on electricity during certain seasons in Houston, TX

  • Even if you choose to find a local provider for electricity services, you may not experience receiving an affordable or inexpensive bill

  • It is always best to shop around for energy companies close by, in case of an emergency when the power goes out from time to time

  • Our specialists are dedicated to using only top rated outdoor lighting equipment, that will save you money on your project and electricity bill in the long run

There is a lot of money being spent on electricity every month in homes in Houston. Generally, Texans pay higher electricity bills than most other states in the United States. It is estimated that most homes in Houston might spend $150 per month on electricity bills, and depending on the season this amount may increase. This is really high. The reason for these could be accounted for by the big houses in Houston that have to be maintained cool especially during summer. Power prices vary from provider to another and they also change depending on the prices of natural gas. When the price of gas is high even the electricity bills will be high because of the dependence on natural gas while producing electricity.

Power prices in Houston could also go down if alternative forms of energy like solar and wind are used more. Having solar panels installed in Houston can reduce the monthly electric expenses by more than half to sometimes even zero every month. What’s more, people with solar energy are able to place it back on the grid when they have excess so that they gain credits that they can use later when they do not have enough of their own solar energy. Solar energy also takes the strain off the resources that we have to ensure that we save the environment and the resources for the generations to come.

The price of electricity in Houston is also affected by taxes. If the city increases the taxes to be paid, then those taxes trickle down to the consumer and they would be required to pay more for electricity. The total paid for in every month is determined by the price per kilowatt hour and also by the total power used every month. Electricity going through the meter is measured in kilowatt-hour, KWH. When the kilowatt-hour has been calculated then it is multiplied by the price for each kilowatt-hour. After that, the total used is added up and then some taxes applied on the total which is why the price varies.

How much does the entire city spend?

So if we assume that all homes in Houston will spend an average of $150 per month we can multiply this by the total number of occupied households in Houston as of now then we can be able to easily estimate how much the city spends on electricity expenses. The total number of occupied homes in Houston comes to about 782,643. If each of those homes is now spending $150 per month on electricity then the total spend comes to 782,643 x 150 = $117,396,450. That is so much higher than many other cities in the United States.

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