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Recycling glass has become an in thing all over the globe, in that it helps in making sure that worn out glass is used again in an appropriate manner as opposed to disposing of it. The city of Houston has incorporated itself with the growing trend of recycling glass in the city by coming up with drop points where you can recycle your glass any time of the day. This, therefore, makes your work easier in case you are a resident of the Houston, as you only need to take your glass at those drop points. The Houston city authority has co-operated with the strategic materials incorporation, which is one of the biggest glass recycler company in the country in setting up these glass recycling drop points. This article will cover the places where you can effectively recycle your glass with no problems at all.

Salvation Army donation

The Salvation Army donation center is a glass recycling drop point where you can take your glass for recycling. It is located at 2208 Washington Avenue and thus in case, it is within proximity to your place of work or your residence it is the best place to take your glasses for recycling. In addition, the Salvation Army donation center is opened all day long that is 24 hours a day which means that you can take the glasses that you have any time you feel convenient for you.

T.C. Jester Park

Another glass recycling drop point where you can recycle your glass is the T.C Jester park which is located along 4201 T C Jester Blvd. in case the location is near you jester park is your ideal place to take your glass for recycling. The park boasts of its accessible parking where you can park your vehicle when you are in the park. In addition, the jester park is always accessible during the times that the parks are open because it is located in a park and thus must follow the rules of the park.

Alief Community Park

Alief Community Park is another glass-recycling place where you can take your glass in case you need it recycled. The park is located at 11903 Bellaire Blvd. and is opened during the hours that the park is opened. Therefore, when accessing it you must consider the park hours in case the park is closed then it will be automatically closed as well. The park has very large parking space where you can park any vehicle that you may have used to bring the glass to the park. You, therefore, need not to worry about the parking as it is well catered for you whenever you need it.

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