LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

Welcome to Robert Huff Lighting Company. You may have passed by us on billboards downtown, but we have a bunch of incredible services suited for you. Our certified company offers multiple lighting services, ranging from holiday and dramatic lighting to delicate moonlighting and landscape illumination. This goes without mentioning security services, which is definitely a priority for us.

You may probably ask why you should go for Light Emitting Diode bulbs (LEDs) and leave behind your usual fluorescent bulbs. Did you know that our LED bulbs reduce energy consumption ranging between 50 to 80 percent off what your incandescent bulbs consume? That’s about a sixth of what fluorescent bulbs use. Don’t worry about their shelf life; LED bulbs last for up to 20 years! Being virtually indestructible and recyclable due to their plastic make and waterproof fittings, this is a sure deal. There’s no need to worry about any hazardous substances such as mercury because LED lights do not emit UV radiation, making them safe to use around flammable objects. No matter how many bulbs are lit the circuit won’t get overloaded, which arguably makes them more efficient. And besides, they are way more appealing!

We are not limited to your home or business premises; we also do decorative lighting, especially on festive seasons with lots of tree lighting. Robert Huff Lighting has advanced and now, we are happy to introduce to you new mosquito systems that trap these annoying creatures, and thus saying no to malaria. Our products do not require physical contact, they are computerized in a manner that they simply light up in the face of darkness.

Our experience

Since its formation in Texas, it has been 30 years of dedicated service to our esteemed customers; the majority can bear witness to our commitment to work. Many have echoed in our review section of the great services they have been offered for 15 consecutive years. The prompt and effective services we aim to deliver have been recognized by many, earning us a five-star rating.

LED Landscape Innovations

As Robert Huff Lighting, creativity is our DNA in awakening the hidden glamour in your space. Not only do we install security lights for you, but we also offer a variety of lights to choose from. There are those with multiple colors that keep alternating, as well as dimmable plastic sensors that keep thieves at bay. 

Outdoor Landscaping Services

Are you organizing an evening ceremony that is due? Robert Huff has got you covered. As soon as we hit your space, we easily detect potential angles in your house and strategic features to capture. These features are what we highlight using our different modes of lighting, such as accent and feature lighting. We go above and beyond to make your night blissful and leave a breathtaking ambiance, which you will find it hard not to admire. 

Robert Huff Proficiency

Robert Huff is an insured and certified company. All our products have been carefully scrutinized by independent testing labs and have been found efficient. We are professional and believe in accountability as we have a record of sales made online. To reach us, please contact or visit our website. Robert Huff Lighting is here for you!

Contact Robert Huff Outdoor Lighting experts today by calling us at 713.861.2000.

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