Latest solutions in Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting Designs

Lighting up your home outdoor has always been approached from a technological point of view by most service providers and at the same time viewed as a utility-based project for a home. This negates the need to have the best ad personalized outdoor landscaped LED lighting that is suitable to you as a client. Our approach takes a different path from what most companies’ advocates. We go beyond the norm of just lighting up your yard and instead, through the work of our Robert Huff team of designers, we create for you the best landscape LED lighting by employing and playing the latest designs in the architectural development and at the same time putting into gear the best available landscape LED outdoor lighting solutions.

To ensure you experience the best of the legendary Robert Huff Outdoor Lighting effects for your outdoor, we have a highly trained and effective team that settles for solutions through pooling together designers, landscapers, and experienced architects. For the last 3 decades, we at Robert Huff have specialized in designing lighting solutions that have an unforgettable sense of security, beauty, and elegance. Our reputation in providing outstanding designs both for home and commercial projects has built trust amongst our clients in Austin and Houston Texas.

Unlike other companies, we aim at giving our clients a solution that is beyond the ordinary and any reproach. Other than providing you with a design that is comprehensive when you chose us at Robert Huff, we also go a step higher to give you support that is excellent, creative, and with a deep touch of legendary experience.

Our more than 3 decades of experience in Outdoor Lighting Designs for residential and commercial projects

For over 3 decades now, Robert Huff Outdoor Lighting has continued to rise and emerge consistently as a pioneer in outdoor lighting which has placed us on top of the list for those looking for an outdoor lighting company in Houston, Austin, and the areas around Texas. We have engaged extensively in projects in the residential categories and also commercial projects. We are insured and fully licensed while our team members are highly equipped to help you solve all your needs regarding outdoor lighting for your property.

Innovative Designs

To attain top-notch solutions for your needs, we take into all skills available from our team of experts and at the same time the desires of our client during our brainstorming sessions with the client. To ensure your property attains the right configuration, we also work together with other experts from the builders, landscapers, designers, and architects.  

Our Lighting Styles

Our styles are highly customized to ensure we give your outdoor lighting a look that is unique and at the same time satisfactory. Our aim, therefore, is to give you an ideal design and solution for your property.


We have a well-trained and highly professional team of experts that will ensure you not only get professional solutions but also quality solutions that are the best in the market.

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