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The highest level of professionalism and quality of our lighting team, at every step of the process, is Outdoor lighting approached by many companies since it seems to be a very useful type of house lighting project. We train to offer our landscape lighting solutions that go far beyond our landscape lighting approach which links the functions that naturally illuminate your courtyard because Robert Huff’s designs require a great deal of work to create the best landscape lighting. A team is needed and we employ both leading outdoor landscape solutions and collective architectural designers.

For the famous lighting effect Robert Huff design, we often work with pool designers who can form any company or home-out area that you need to transform. Robert Huff has transformed our home lighting for more than 30 years with safety, beauty, and elegance, and we are also experts in the installation and design of commercial led landscape lighting. Our clients trusted by the designs of Robert Huff which proved an experience of providing outstanding designs in commercial and residential outdoor lighting in Austin and Houston TX.

Here at Robert Huff, we believe in just a remarkable idea that will completely transform your outer space. Apart from external solutions for other companies. Robert Huff’s designs go beyond the ordinary when you select Robert Huff to manage your outdoor LED lighting, and we provide you with a complete and fully built design based on excellence, creativity, and experience.

For more than 30 years working on outdoor home projects

Robert Huff has been one of the trailblazers of outdoor lighting for the past 30 years. That made us the best choice in Austin and Houston for house lighting. Our experience has enabled us to grow due to our satisfied clients, the residential and commercial project team is fully capable of meeting all your outdoor lighting needs.

Innovative external LED lighting design

 We have demonstrated creativity in commercial landscaping and outdoor lighting, by combining our collective architectural skills and knowledge with feedback from our clients through active engagement sessions. Discussions. Our team also works with architects, pool designers, builders, and landscapers to ensure that your lighting design fits in flawlessly with all the other design elements you have.

Outdoors landscaped lighting styles

Our outdoor LED landscape lighting designs feature styles as unique as our clients. Each new customer has a new dream come true. Our clients would like their home to be even more spectacular in the evening than during the day. The outdoor landscape lighting that we create is customized to your specific design preferences. So whether you would like your outdoor LED lighting to showcase your moonlight landscape and pool lighting, we will create the ideal lighting designs for your property.


Our personnel maintain the highest levels of professional responsibility and care constantly on every outdoor landscaping work we work on. We ensure that all of our work will be of the highest quality because we know that our clients expect nothing less from us. As a completely insured and accredited company, you can count on the

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