The Ultimate Outdoor Home Lighting Solution in Snipe, TX

In an age when electric power has become all-pervading and integral in our day to day lives, none of us would desire a scenario where they have visitors leaving their houses at night tripping and falling as they fumble their way to their cars in the dark. Neither yet would anyone relish the idea of being frightened every now and then at night when they hear a slight rustling of leaves outside, being unsure what could be transpiring. Sometimes you may just wish to move to the balcony at night and meditatively stare at the starry heavens when you just can’t sleep. You would also want to rid your yard of all marauding security hazards at night by having a good illumination to your compound. These and many other kindred circumstances call for an elaborate and reliable outdoor lighting system.

Our commitment

Through thorough attention to detail, our firm is committed to bringing both light and elegance to your home and compound. To attain this, we do have a combination of different technics and devices suited for your specific needs; be it to deter human vandalism and animal intrusions, to highlight beautiful spots in your compound, to light up dangerous tripping spots or ditches, or even for the invaluable peace of mind. All our products are carefully tested by our technical team before being dispatched for installation for assurance that they are going to serve you well. Our lighting does not only make your home elegant at night but also gives it a unique sparkle all day long. 

Available types of lighting

  • Landscape lighting. This is a great idea for those who wish to have their gardens, fences, and yards lighted for increased security, accessibility, social events like birthdays, and also for a great aesthetic touch. 
  • Motion sensors. These will help not only with security but also with power efficiency as they only come up when motion is detected around them. These are an ideal solution when it comes to animals invading your garden and destroying crops. Our motion sensors are able to detect up to 270 degrees of stealthy motion, hence a most effective solution against intruders.
  • Spotlights. We use these for decking your landscape and pathways with light. They direct the attention of a viewer to the most attractive scenery in your compound. At 12 volts of power and constructed with strong copper material, our spotlights are able to give enough lights and stand for long in your compound without getting corroded or losing their beauty.
  • Floodlights. We use powerful floodlights to make sure that your yard and parking lot are well illuminated for security purposes as these are some of the most sensitive spots when it comes to security.


More than bringing light to your compound, our company is focused on creating long-lasting relationships with all clients by making each and everyone a member of our family. We are open to both criticism and commendation, and that’s what has kept us growing for all the period we’ve been offering services to the community. We are constantly innovating and introducing new, trendy, and high-quality products into the market. We help you to cut on the cost of premium home insurance as our solutions largely mitigate the risk of insecurity vandalism. 

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