Our Landscape Lighting Designer Recommends The Use Of These Energy Efficient Bulbs

Like any other city, Houston is one of the cities that residents require lighting in order to survive. The city of Texas, which Houston is located, is among the cities that use large amounts of electricity in the entire country. Therefore, people must find ways of eradicating this and one way is using the bulbs that have the ability to save energy. What the energy efficient light bulbs do, they use a lot less energy when being used and in the process saving a great amount of energy. This eventually means that you will pay less electricity bill. This article, therefore, will dwell on the types of bulbs that you can use to save a great amount of energy. They are mostly two types of energy-efficient bulbs that you can use that is the LED and CFL bulbs so this article will explain what these two bulbs offer and you can make your choice on the one that you want.

LED Bulbs

The word LED may confuse you but it simply means the long light bulb. The LED bulbs work in a way that the electrical current must pass through it as opposed to CFL bulbs that we will discuss later. in an attempt to reduce the amount of energy used to light them the led bulbs emit very little heat in them and thus concentrates more on the lighting not the warmth of your house. In addition, the led lights are able to emit the light that it is producing in a specific direction and thus you do not need to purchase diffusers. This will, therefore, help you in making sure that you use a few resources as possible. To cap it off the led bulbs are very cheap nowadays and are easily accessible thus choosing them is a sure way of making sure that you save a great amount of energy for your home.

CFL Bulbs

The CFL bulbs are bulbs that simply mean curly light bulbs, for them to function the electrical current must pass through the electrodes of the bulb not in the bulbs themselves, which is different from the led lights. Although the led lights are the best option to reduce the energy use of your bulbs in the house, the CFL bulbs go a long way in offering a fall back option in case you don’t want to use the led light bulbs. The CFL light bulbs release approximately 80% of the energy and thus can heat your house as opposed to the led lights. Therefore, in case you want a lighting system that also makes your house warm CFL bulbs is the main option for you.

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