Landscape Lighting Designers Say Reliant Stadium Uses This Many Lights

The reliant stadium is well documented all over the world due to its efficient use of led lights all over it, with the aim of reducing the cost of electricity bills that come along with lighting. The reliant stadium like other stadiums in the country is some of the times used at night when hosting games that are played at that time. It is therefore very important to make sure that there is efficient lighting in them to make the event held in them effective and to fulfill its purpose.

LED Lights

Like stated earlier the reliant stadium is used to stage very high profiled games in the country and thus it is installed with 65,000 led lights, which makes the visibility in the stadium effective. The reliant stadium became among the stadiums all over the world which use effectively led lights to light it. The purpose of using these led lights purposely reduces the costs of electricity bills that run into millions if left unattended. The 65000 led lights used in the reliant stadium, therefore, helps in reducing the power bills that the city of Texas uses to maintain the stadium and thus an eventual saving of resources, which are channeled to other developments in the city.

These led lights in the reliant stadium were installed on the February 5th, 2015 to replace the old lighting system that was using a lot of energy and thus eventual skyrocketing rates for power and use approximately 337 kilowatts of electricity when at full throttle which means when the power is used fully. This is a 60% lower energy than the previous systems was using making the reliant stadium one among the few stadiums all over the world that have perfected the art of reducing energy costs around the globe. Thus, the stadium can be used as a case study for the cities or countries that are seeking ways to reduce the wastage of resources on electricity bills.

Solar Panels

The installation of the 65,000 led lights in the reliant stadium has gone a long way in establishing the stadium as one of the most reliable stadium in the country that can be used for super bowl games even at odd hours to give fans the experience of the super bowl while they leave their jobs even on weekdays. In addition to adding the efficiency of lighting using the led lights that save a great amount of electricity, the stadium has employed the use of five hundred and ninety-nine solar panels that collect energy in order to back up the energy that comes from the electricity. This, therefore, makes the stadium one of the greenest stadium you will find on the planet.

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