Landscape Lighting Designer Are Noticing An Incline Of Electricity Use In The Woodlands

Woodlands is one of the city that contributes to the rise in electricity use of woodlands, Texas is among the cities with the high amount of energy used in it. This, in turn, leads to increased electricity bill, which could be averted by finding ways of saving electricity. Interestingly the businesses in woodlands are the ones that use most of the electricity as opposed to the residential areas. This means that most of the electricity consumption in woodlands is consumed by the businesses found there and therefore businesspersons must come up with ways of reducing this. This can be achieved using different methods of using solar energy in place of electricity and use of LED lights all over woodlands and Texas in general.

Residential Electricity Bills in the Woodlands, Texas

Before checking on how much the businesses consume electricity, it is good to have a clear outlook of the way other sectors in woodlands are doing. In the residential sector woodlands is doing badly by taking position 5 in the country of the most electricity bill paid. Woodlands monthly average electricity bill is $128, which means that each residential household pays an average of $128, which is quite high, compared to other regions in the United States of America. The people of woodlands must, therefore, find ways of reducing this to avoid suffering great losses occasioned by high electricity bills.

Commercial Electricity Bills in Woodlands, Texas

In woodlands, businesses use a great amount of electricity, which leads to increased electricity bills in the country. This can at least be explained by the fact that these businesses use this electricity to produce which is a rather fair exchange as long as they produce effectively. Woodlands ranks in position 13 countrywide in the cities with the highest commercial electricity bills with an average monthly bill of $668. This average monthly electricity bill is therefore 6.2% higher than the average of the national electricity bill, which stands at $629. Therefore, woodlands are above par in the use of electricity and must find ways of reducing this, which will, in turn, lead to reduced electricity costs.

Commercial Electricity Consumption of Woodlands, Texas

In the national wide ranking of the regions that use very high consumption of electricity in the commercial sector which is squarely businesses, woodlands rank in position 4 with a consumption of 8,185 kilowatts per month. The consumption that woodlands boast is 31.21% higher than the national average, which at now stands at 6238 kilowatts per month making it a very higher consumer of electricity. Industries in woodlands, Texas takes a big chunk of the electricity of averagely 85,264 kilowatts per month which is 31st countrywide.

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