Landscape Lighting Designers Know Exactly Where To Take Your Shattered Outdoor Lighting Glass

  • The professionals at Robert Huff Illumination experience many cases of shattered outdoor lighting when working on a project

  • We have always exercised the recycling of shattered glass by taking it to a local company that handles glass recycling services

  • Most companies take the same route when disposing of shattered glass, however, being a specialist in the outdoor lighting arena, Robert Huff Illumination supersedes the competition by continuously being a top rated Houston outdoor lighting company

  • Our clients appreciate our like-minded “green thinking” along with our ability to provide affordable outdoor lighting to their homes

When glass shatters it causes a hazard because it can cause harm to people. It is therefore important to ensure that the glass is properly disposed of off so that you take the risk of harm away from you. Having shattered glass on doors and windows or any other parts of the house also becomes really unsightly and makes the house look unkempt and neglected. When you have shattered glass in your home you should know where to take it so that it is recycled. Remember glass will not disintegrate and therefore recycling it is the best option that you have, as it is a great way to save money and preserve the Earth.

Advantages of Recycling Glass

There are many advantages that come with recycling glass shattered or not. To begin with, recycling saves the environment because it removes the glass from the landfills. For every ton of glass that is recycled a ton of other natural resources are also saved. Recycling also reduces the carbon footprint or the greenhouse emissions in the environment. Recycling saves a lot of electricity and energy consumption in the production of new glass. What’s more, recycling ensures that pollutants are released during the production of glass are reduced. Products that are produced from recycled glass for instance fiberglass offer insulation and make homes more energy efficient leading to reduced power consumption in the house.

Where can you take shattered glass?

To the recyclers – there are many recycling companies available in Houston that do accept and recycle glass. These include Houston Glass recycling who are specifically concerned with recycling glass and saving landfill space. They also accept electronics like computers which are not accepted by many other recyclers. Another place where you can take your glass is the Westpark Consumer Recycling Center which is located at 5900 Westpark Dr. You can also take your glass to Ellington Airport at the Clear Lake Neighborhood recycling center. It is located at 246 Loop Rd. Other recycling centers in Houston include Kingwood Recycling Center, Sommermeyer Neighborhood depository, We CAN Recycle Inc, Recycle4u and so much more.

Landfills – landfills in Houston will also accept that you dispose of shattered glass there. Although it might not be the best thing to do in regard to the environment because dumping glass at a landfill takes up very important space if the glass could have been recycled. Some of the landfills that you can access in Houston include; Greenhouse Road Landfill, Waste Management Cougar Landfill, Greenbelt landfill, Republic services McCarty Road Landfill and Ralston road landfill.

Some depositories that the Houstonians may use will not accept any kind of glass and it is therefore imperative to know which one accepts glass before you take your shattered glass to them.

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