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Occasionally, outdoor residential lighting is regarded as an ordinary task that does not have any aesthetic value. Many firms that offer these services believe that outdoor lighting is a practical based project. In spite of this, our LED outdoor landscape lighting is beyond the ordinary and combines form and function to create an outstanding exterior landscape lighting experience. We spend most of our time in creating an outstanding exterior LED lighting product. Robert Huff utilizes the latest techniques and technologies to create a unique LED landscape lighting product.

To ensure that our solutions are unique, we closely collaborate with experts in the building industry. Through this close working, we create a Robert Huff effect for residences and business exterior spaces. Our experience in the market is more than 30 years and we have the knowledge and expert in creating solutions that come with surety, grace and charm. Additionally, we specialize in planning and installing business LED landscape lighting. Our clients in Austin and Houston rely on us on the provision of unique plans for their commercial and residential lighting needs.

At Robert Huff, we believe that a single brilliant idea can transform your outdoor spaces. Our solutions are of top-notch quality and won’t be compared with what our competitors offer. When you select us to manage your exterior landscape lighting, we offer you all-inclusive makeup and all the support predicated on beauty, inventiveness and experience.

More Than 30 Years Working On Outdoor Residential Lighting Designs  

We have been in the market for over 3 decades offering our clients innovative and outstanding solutions that are beyond the ordinary. We are the best choice in Houston, Austin and the neigh bouting areas. Because of our high reputation, many clients believe that we are the best firm that can offer them high quality LED lighting solutions. Our firm has security, permitted to offer services and all our workers are armed with the right tools to enable them to provide you outdoor landscaping lighting solutions.

Innovative LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Designs  

We deliver innovative products because we share ideas with clients and combine our skills and knowledge to create a unique solution. We ensure that we collaborate with architects, pool designers, builders, and landscapers to make sure that our exterior lighting solution matches with the overall home style.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Styles

We accord each client who comes to us a personalized service so that we offer them solutions that satisfy their needs. Each time we interact with our clients, we come up with designs that are unique in accordance with their desires.


Our experts display high levels of professionalism in all the projects that they undertake for our clients.

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