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Robert Huff is trusted by our worldwide customers for its’ high-quality performance, and we also have a proven track record of delivering stunning designs in residential and commercial outdoor lighting in Austin and Houston TX. LEDs do not burn out unlike fluorescent lamps and other lamps. The long lifetime of LEDs reduces the need to replace failed lamps, this can lead to significant savings, particularly in the cost of sending out maintenance crews. 

It is known for its high-efficiency light sources. The low consumption of LEDs leads to significant energy saving that can often drive the installation of LED-based systems, for example, traffic signals. LEDs do not contain mercury and in many cases, steps are taken to replace lead-containing solders with lead-free material, in time with European directives. LEDs are low-voltage light sources, generally requiring a constant DC voltage or current o operate optimally. LEDs open up many new design options, some of which were previously inconceivable. They do not produce heat, they are very bright as well. 

Other periods, outdoor home lighting can appear to be a very utilitarian type of home project, it is approached by far too many companies as a technological project. This functions as a form to offer landscaping lighting solutions that go beyond simply lighting your yard up. 

More than 30 years working on outdoor residential lighting designs 

Our legal company is licensed and insured, each staff can assist you with all your preferences on outdoor lighting because our staff is well equipped. All experiences have ended us having a long list of very satisfied customers in our commercial and residential projects. In the past 30 years, Robert Huff has been top leading pioneers in outdoor lighting, making us be the premier choice in Austin, Houston, and the surrounding areas for outdoor home lighting. 

Innovative LED Outdoor Landscaping Designs 

Through our hard work, the creativity in our commercial landscape lighting and outdoor home lighting Houston TX through combining our collective architectural skills and knowledge we obtain from the customer through brainstorming sessions. We work with builders, poor designers, architects, and landscapers to ensure that your lighting designs fit in flawlessly with all the other design one has. 

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Styles 

According to how you want your property to look like, we create a landscape lighting in which is customized to your specific design preferences. If you like your lighting outdoor to showcase your moonlight landscape or pool lighting, we will create the best for your property


You can depend on receiving the highest level of professionalism and quality from our team, through every stage of the process. We know our customers expect nothing less from us.

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