About Our Outdoor Home Lighting

Many people undergo struggles when it comes to planning their outdoor landscape lighting deciding the exterior areas you want to light, selecting the appropriate lighting techniques and designs, choosing the accessories, choosing your power supply, and selecting the appropriate bulbs. To save you all this trouble, our firm uses the latest lighting designs with the help of all the hardworking staff working together to offer you one of the best landscape LED lighting. Robert Huff’s design uses the latest designs that give your landscape outside the door a spectacular lighting look.

The Latest in LED Outdoor designs for Landscape lighting

Our Lighting designs totally transforms your outdoor area with safety, refinement, and glamour. With the level of creativity and experience from our workers from associating with professional architects and designers, they provide an extra-ordinary design for your Outdoor Landscape lighting. Although there are competitions from other companies, Robert Huff with its excellent track record in providing a comprehensive design for any commercial or residential space has gained trust from its customers in Houston and Austin. That is why customers decide to choose us to be in charge of their outdoor lighting.

An Outdoor Residential Lighting Design experience of 30 years.

Robert Huff for over 30 years now has been the leading company in selecting the best outdoor lights to set them up. Making us the number one choice in both Houston and all of Austin for any house that needs to be given an eye-catching outside lighting design. Our licensed and insured company has satisfied customers who trust us to be part of their business and uptown projects.

Innovative LED Landscape Designs of lighting

It is important to give new and flawless designs to their clients which you would find nowhere else. We have brainstorming sessions that instill creativity in our team through all the architectural skills they gain from working with builders, landscapers, and pool designers. When it comes to innovative ideas, Robert Huff Outdoor Lighting got its head held above other companies.

Our Outdoor landscape styles of Lighting

We offer many outdoor lighting designs with one in kind styles that give your outdoor a feeling of elegance. Our customers prefer their home to look the way they want. Robert Huff’s landscape lighting design creates designs that are customized to the client’s preferences.


Our team members are all competent and offer skills that are on another level each and every day in all the jobs they receive on outdoor lighting designs. They provide quality work for they know it is not an option to lose customers. Once you have given us an opportunity to deliver you our services, we offer professionalism every step of the way.

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