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Home lighting is now a project that is looked from a technological point of view. How elegant do you want your yard to be like? Our LED outdoor landscape lighting company has the best in-store to fulfill your needs. With a mix of function and form, the landscaping lighting solutions we have are the best of a kind. The Robert Huff lighting designers have the best well laid architectural designs that will bring décor and elegance around your yard in the form of providing you with unique LED outdoor landscape lighting needs.

In connection with pool designers, architects and landscapers we have all the elements put together in a way that will leave your property with the real Robert Huff touch of elegance. We have been doing this for the last 30 years. We also do designing and installation services on a commercial property. Our clients have been satisfied with the mode of our service delivery for all these years, therefore making us the best LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting providers around for both the residential and commercial outdoor lighting in Austin and Houston, TX.

The Robert Huff experts make all this into success through the provision of a complete design structure that will bring out all the elegance and beauty around your property. Much as we also have rival companies, the fact remains they cannot match our cool vibe that is sealed with creativity and excellence.

The leading pioneers for over 30 years.

Austin and Houston residents are the main beneficiaries of our LED outdoor landscape lighting services. For over 3 decades our company has been delivering the best services to our clients in a way like no other. We are also licensed and have been insured as per the law requirements. Whether it is a commercial or residential project, we are the best partners that will fully deliver your LED outdoor landscape lighting needs.

Innovative LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Designs

We incorporate our clients, in a way to help us learn more from them. We also use our knowledge, architectural designs and experience to make our services better. We also partner with pool designers, architects and builders to ensure nothing is left unfolded while delivering the best services to our clients.  

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Styles

We have a variety, but we deliver according to the needs of our clients, whether it is a moonlight landscape or pool lighting, we can get you closer to that feel


We are experts and will do what it takes to fulfill your Led Outdoor Lighting needs in style. Having been licensed and insured, you can expect nothing less from us.

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