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Our idea was to bring out the best feel that comes with Led Outdoor lighting. It is not just about lighting but with more beauty and elegance. Home lighting has now become a technological aspect for many companies. We seek to deliver the highest quality services by using sophisticated models of architectural designs. The Robert Huff design experts have an upper hand in bringing the best outdoor Led lighting solutions to your home. In order for us to achieve the real touch of Robert Huff outdoor lighting solutions, we also integrate landscapers, builders, architects, and pool designers to ensure everything has been done in a flawless manner. Our design of lighting is normally sealed with décor and elegance. We have been offering these services for 30 years.

We also provide installation and design services for commercial properties. Once you have chosen to work with Robert Huff experts, be assured of exclusive services. Our customers have proven our services and have made our name famous in Austin, Houston and beyond. We have a clean track record in relation to the outdoor LED lighting solutions we deliver. 

Unlike other lighting companies, Robert Huff professionals have a detailed architectural design. The experts also work with creativity and excellence. We have the most exclusively led outdoor lighting solutions owing to the vast experience we have too.

Working On Outdoor Residential Lighting Designs

We became the leading experts in Austin, and Houston in regard to the satisfaction we brought to our customers. It is now over 30 years and our services are becoming more superior. No need to fear as our company is licensed, insured and has a team of conversant experts that will meet all your lighting solutions just how and when you needed them.

Innovative LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Designs

Much of the creativity comes from our clients and other related professionals experts like designers, and builders. We put the knowledge, experience and architectural designs together to make our services much better. Whenever you need a display of poor lighting or moonlighting landscape, we can make it real on your property. The outdoor landscape lighting we offer usually corresponds to the needs of the clients. Get the real feel of Robert Huff team of experts.


Our company consists of real professionals who work consistently to deliver the best results to the clients. We know how much our clients trust our services, we have a reputation to protect and the highest quality of services to offer and will ensure we give the highest quality of services as we have always done. Our company is also certified and insured. 

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