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Outdoor Home Lighting is considered to e a high-tech home project which is why many companies out there approach it as one of those technological projects. With us, we make use of a combination of form and function when it comes to lighting for LED outdoor landscape. All our solutions go beyond what you are used to. For us, we are able to do so much more than simply lighting up your yard. Our Robert Huff team puts in lots of hard work so as to bring to life the most unique LED landscape lighting. We apply the newest design solutions and collective architectural designs for the landscape lighting products we provide. For us to be able to deliver the best, we work with a skilled team of pool designers, landscapers and architects so as to build the acclaimed Robert Huff outdoor lighting and bring out the amazing effects that it is widely known for.

For 30 years plus, we have been designing outdoor home lighting that comes with an appealing look, elegance and much-needed security. Our team has also specialized in installing and designing LED landscape lighting for commercial properties. We have successfully been in the market for this long because of the trust that our customers have with us. We have a long list of accomplishments that we are proud of especially when it comes to the delivering of eye-catching designs both for commercial and residential properties in Houston, TX and Austin, TX.

At Robert Huff, our entire team just needs a simple yet unique idea to make a complete transformation of your outdoors. As much as you may find other companies out there providing you with similar services, our captivating designs go way above the ordinary. By selecting us, you will get to enjoy full support combined with comprehensive designs that are all built on excellence, experience, and creativity. 30 years and counting of designs for residential outdoor lighting. 

We have been in the market for the longest time as one of the leading founders of outdoor lighting. The years of experience and trusted reputation are what has made our company the number one choice in Houston, Austin, and its surroundings. This has also resulted in us having a wide list of customers who are not only satisfied but also happy.

Styles for outdoor landscape lighting

Our designs are unique just as are our customers. With every new client we work with, we get to turn their dreams into reality. We also make sure to customize our outdoor landscape to your specific preference and design.


Throughout the project, we will work with the professional care and responsibility that is expected in any workplace. You are guaranteed that we are going to provide you with the highest quality of work.

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