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One of the greatest mistake that many lighting companies in the country make is approaching landscape lighting as just a technological project.

We here at Robert Huff Illumination take outdoor lighting as an artistic project, which is supposed to increase the aesthetic value of your property, as well as improve its security. We combine form as well as function when designing and installing our landscape lighting, thus offering you outdoor lighting solutions that your yard needs. We take great pride in being the leading outdoor lighting company in the country, owing to the quality of work that we do. Our work has been proven and tested over the time that we have been in business. You can trust us in offering your property just what it needs. Give us a call today and we will responsively respond to your call in kind.

30 Years of Experience

It goes without saying that we here at Robert Huff Illumination have been in this field for over 30 years now. Over these years that we have been in operation, we have helped hundreds of thousands of clients in illuminating their outdoor lighting in style. Therefore, our expertise in the field can never be underestimated.

Our core mandate here at Robert Huff Illumination is to ensure that all the lighting needs of our clients are taken care of, as they are one of the most important people to us. To cap it off, we are the pioneers of the outdoor lighting industry in Houston and Austin. You can therefore never go wrong by choosing us as your outdoor lighting partners.

Innovatively Designed Landscape Lighting

Whenever you are illuminating your outdoor space, it is important to consider how your property will look at the end.  You want your house or business to stand out among the rest and we here at Robert Huff Illumination offers you just that with our innovatively designed landscape lighting.

We do this by using the latest architectural designs and working closely with pool designers, architects, and landscapers, who offers us the perfect input in our delivery of services. Whenever therefore you choose us, you do not do so just by chance but because you want the best outdoor lighting services.

Unique Landscape Lighting Style

We here at Robert Huff Illumination are not your normal lighting company in the country. We do pay great attention to detail on how we do our craft.

In order to ensure that we put a mark on our client’s property, we do offer a unique outdoor lighting style known as the Robert Huff style. With the majority of our clients preferring dramatic lighting at night rather than the day, we customize our services based on what your preferences.

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