The High Standard LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design In Egypt, Texas


Normally, outdoor lighting is usually perceived as any other home project. However, a good number of companies knows it from a technical point of view. Our company has gone beyond them and made LED outdoor landscape lighting more than just a backyard thing. Robert Huff team of professionals produces the best and refined methods of landscape lighting. They achieve this through the combination of the modern architectural methods for ultimate outdoor lighting in your home.

In coordination with pool designers, architects and other skilled professionals, our team has all it takes to bring out the ultimate lighting solution for your home or within the enterprise area. It is now 3 decades since Robert Huff Company came into the limelight. The good thing is the company has maintained external home lighting with a touch of glamour and security. We also do the same on a commercial platform and therefore our clients can seek our services in the installation of LED landscape light options. Owing to the best services that we have been delivering over time, Robert Huff Company has won trust from numerous clients both in Houston, TX, and Austin.

What makes the difference is our taste and touch of the outdoor space in terms of lighting. Other rival companies do not stand a chance to compare with what we deliver. Once you have selected us to serve you, rest assured that we deliver beyond the norm. In fact, you will get a detailed and proven authority from previous clients who have attested to our beauty, integrity with lots of experience from our team of professionals.

It has been more than 30 years…

For three decades now, Robert Huff Company has remained on the limelight in terms of outdoor lighting, Austin, Houston TX and the environs have all embraced our good name because of excellent services that we give. Much as our clients are happy and comfortable with our mode of delivery, we have devoted fully to both commercial and private lighting projects, to ensure we soar to greater heights.

No need to worry, our company is licensed and has insurance cover. Our teams of professionals are also skilled and experienced to deal with any home lighting need.

Creative LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Methods

Our top-notch services come from the collective skills and knowledge of our professionals. We also have learning sessions with other close specialists to ensure we have the finest blend for your home lighting. We always come up with the appropriate lighting depending on the preferences of our clients. Whether its pool or moonlight approach, we simply change the touch of your property.


We are licensed and insured there is no way we can deliver less than what is expected. We cherish our clients and we give the best. 

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