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Every now and again home exterior illumination can be taken as a practical kind of design and a lot of firms approach it as a scientific plan. However, our LED landscaping lighting is different because we combine form and content to create an extraordinary design. At Robert Huff, we diligently offer outdoor landscaping solutions that are beyond the ordinary. We utilize modern tactics and technologies to provide outdoor lighting solutions.

Our professionals jointly work with pool designers, architects, landscapers to design Robert Huff exterior illumination effect for your either home or business needs. For over 30 years, Robert Huff Illumination has created home lighting for your landscape with high sense of security, Elegance, and Beauty. Additionally, we design business LED lighting for your commercial landscape. Many of our clients in Austin and Houston trust our solutions because of our best track record in the provision of outdoor lighting solutions for home and commercial application.

At Robert Huff, we trust that a single excellent thought can change your home or commercial exterior space. Even though other firms offer lighting services, our designs are above the ordinary. In case you choose Robert Huff to administer your outdoor landscaping lighting, you will receive a complete plan and the essential aid you deserve that is based on excellence, innovativeness, and experience.

More Than 30 Years Working On Outdoor Residential Lighting Designs

For more than 30 years, Robert Huff has been leading in introducing innovative outdoor lighting solutions. We are the number one choice in Austin, Houston and the areas close in the provision of outdoor home lighting solutions. Due to our many years of experience, we have numerous clients who are satisfied with our outdoor lighting services. Robert Huff is insured, licensed and all our workers are prepared and ready to offer the best lighting service.

Innovative LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Designs

We attain innovativeness in our home and commercial outdoor lighting via combining our collective tactics and know-how with the client’s ideas. Our professionals work collaboratively with architects, landscapers, builders, and others to provide an outdoor lighting solution which is in harmony with the home style.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Styles

We offer a deal in unique styles that are personalized to meet each client’s needs and preferences. Most of our clients like when their properties look marvelous in the evening. We individualize each outdoor lighting design in accordance to client preferences.


All our staff goes about their duties with a high degree of professionalism in all the projects that they undertake for all our clients. We assure all our clients of a high-quality service as per their needs and expectations.

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