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Home lighting procedure is gaining popularity for good reasons. It’s no longer a DIY project. More than ever before many companies have sprung up to take the home lighting effect to a higher level. With a mix of function and form, our company has the best-laid strategies in ensuring the backyard space within your home is full of elegance, décor and secure too. The Robert Huff team of professionals make this happen through the provision of exclusively LED landscape lighting. With the best architectural designs in place, our company delivers the best of services in LED outdoor landscape lighting solutions.

Whether it is a home space or business that you want us to manage, we still will bring out the classy cool effect that comes with Robert Huff designs. We have gained experience for the last 30 years and our services are always marked with a touch of elegance and security. We also do the installation and designing process on the commercial Led Outdoor lighting. Our services have been met with much approval as they are truly beautiful, unique and classy.

We have what it takes to change your outdoor area into what you have never imagined. We have other rival lighting companies but they are nowhere when it comes to comparing our terms of service delivery. We shall give you a comprehensive design, once you make the wise decision to work with us, you will also benefit from our qualified experts who work with professionalism, excellence and effectiveness.

More Than 30 Years Working On Outdoor Residential Lighting Designs

We pride in being the triumphs in outdoor lighting for 30 years now. We have our clients in Austin, Houston TX and other areas. Our clients are happy and satisfied, they have also referred us to others making us have long chains of customers in need of our residential and commercial lighting solutions. Our company is also insured, each of our experts is qualified to attend to any lighting need.

Innovative LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Designs and styles

We value working along with builders, designers and architects, our architectural designs are also part of what adds to our creativity. Clients do help in learning sessions and add onto what we already know. Our outdoor landscape lighting solutions are tailored to meet the needs of an individual client. We have the responsibility of creating the pool light in your space just as you want.


Robert Huff prides in having qualified professionals, full of knowledge, creativity and skills. Whichever kind of lighting need you have, they are all set. Our company is also insured and has been certified to ensure quality service delivery.

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