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About us

Whether it is for aesthetics, security or simply visibility, outdoor lighting at home and at work remains a very important part of our construction projects. Easier said than done, though, is getting a good lighting installation system for your compound. You deserve to employ a reputable lighting company to have your outdoor glowing for you. We, Robert Huff Lighting, are here to do just that. Our company merges utility, beauty, and cost-effectiveness to give your lawn the perfect illumination.

Robert Huff Lighting is a 30-year old outdoor lighting company having our offices located in Houston, TX. We are open to persons of the state and the neighboring environs. We are licensed under the United States business laws to offer our services to you. We are also insured to protect our clients from any losses that may be incurred by doing business with us. Over our thirty years in existence, we have learned that the best results are achieved through the application of a specialized team in projects. We, therefore, have a team comprised of architects, pool designers, and even landscapers working to brighten up your outdoors. Everything you need under one roof.

Robert Huff Lighting outdoor LED lighting

Other than the traditional neon and bulb lighting techniques, Robert Huff Lighting has the modern, durable, and way more efficient LED outdoor lighting just for you. Even better, while you can choose your preferred designs from our 3D rendered creations, we also allow you to give your ideas so we can deliver a customized outdoor illumination for your family home or workplace. We resolved to provide customized lighting upon demand from our highly regarded clients, who, needless to say, have done a great job at keeping our portfolio impressive.

Robert Huff Lighting clients have also helped us beat our challenges and improve our designs. We are now proud to offer you a collection of customer-developed LED designs for your homestead and commercial places. Fusing together tens of different styles, we present you with lighting designs that are bits of every best part of all traditional lighting designs you know. The best part is, our prices are customer developed too. For specific fee details, visit our office or contact our inquiry personnel who are on standby to serve you in real-time.

We regard you highly

Robert Huff Lighting considers you our most valued asset. We, therefore, ensure we serve you with the utmost level of professionalism. All our staff and technical members are duly trained to leave you satisfied. We have a complain address team to address any issues that you may have with our staff or products. We aim to impress.

Regardless of the outdoor Lighting, you wish to have, Robert Huff Lighting has got it sorted out for you. Contact us and have your life lit.

Contact Robert Huff Outdoor Lighting experts today by calling us at 713.861.2000.

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