Choosing an Outdoor Light Fixture for Your House: Tips and Tricks

Installing an outdoor light fixture adds curb appeal to your house, adds ambiance to your home, creates a unified look, and adds safety and security. Therefore, replace the dated, tired outdoor light fixtures with new ones. However, choosing an outdoor light fixture for your house is so stressful.

Here are things to consider when choosing an outdoor light fixture for your house and what is the best landscape lighting to match your taste.

1. Size

Do not select an undersized outdoor light fixture. It is important to install a fixture, which is the correct size for your house. Most people install an undersized fixture to save money. Measure the area where you want to install the fixture. Then, choose a light fixture that covers that area. Measuring the area makes it easier to choose the right light fixture.

2. Use LEDs

Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are very bright. However, LED lights are much better for outdoor spaces. Why? They use less energy. They do not affect the skin. They can last for a long time. And it easy to find LED lights that offer the same illumination as traditional bulbs.

3. Style

You should consider the architecture of your house when choosing the style of the light fixture. Outdoor home lighting comes in different styles such as casual, traditional, Southwestern, rustic, contemporary, and many more. Have a colonial-style house? Choose a traditional outdoor light fixture. Choose a style that is consistent with your house.

4. Outdoor Entertainment

Do you entertain your guests outdoor? Choose a lighting fixture that gives a soft glow. Do not choose a fixture that gives a bright light. Install a subtle, indirect lighting fixture in your outdoor rooms. Because it creates a restful mood. Choose the right lighting fixture if you want your guests to have fun.

5. Durability

It is easy to assume that all outdoor lighting fixtures are durable. However, that is not the case. Because some light fixtures are designed for use where there is no rain. And other light fixtures are completely weatherproof. If you are installing your outdoor lighting fixture, choose a durable light fixture, which is not affected by the weather.

6. UL Damp Rating

It is perfect for covering outdoor areas, which do not have direct exposure to rain, water, or snow. It handles moisture and damp areas. Therefore, it is perfect for outdoor rooms. If you have an outdoor kitchen, this is the perfect light fixture for your kitchen.

7. UL Wet Rating

It handles intense rain, ice, and snow. It also handles harsh, salty breezes from the ocean. It is a perfect outdoor light fixture because it is not affected by the rain. You can easily place it on an exposed deck and you will never have to worry about it. It works in any weather condition.

8. Security

Outdoor light fixtures provide ambiance. And they secure your house. Therefore, install a lighting fixture on all entry points of your house. Install a fixture, which illuminates your windows, side doors, and garage. If there are shadows around your house, install a lighting fixture that illuminates these shadows. If you are on a budget ask first how much does it cost for landscape lighting so you can prepare ahead of time.

9. Wattage

Most outdoor light fixtures are used after dark. Therefore, they consume energy for the whole night. That is why it is important to choose wattage, which fits your unique needs. If you are going to use your light fixtures for security purposes, choose a higher wattage bulb. If you are only using them to decorate your house, choose a lower wattage bulb.

10. Frosted Glass

Most people love clear glass for their outdoor lighting fixtures. However, frosted glass is a much better option because it uses a lower-wattage bulb, amplifies light, and saves energy. Also, it does not need regular cleaning because the frosting effect hides dust. Lastly, it reduces glare.

11. Local Requirements

Last, but not least, consider the local requirements before choosing an outdoor light fixture for your house. In some areas, you are not allowed to install any outdoor light fixtures you want. Therefore, it is important to check the regulations of your area before buying a light fixture.

These are what to consider when choosing an outdoor light fixture for your house. Now you know what are the best outdoor lights, choose a durable light fixture made of frosted glass because it reduces glare. And LEDs are perfect because they consume less energy and they can last for a long time.

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