Understanding If Bugs Are Attracted To LED Lights In Houston Pt 2

Do Houston LED Lights Attract Bugs? What You Need To Know

Part 2


HID, CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs waste off lots of energy in the form of heat, with some wasting as much as 90% of the energy provided. This makes these bulbs visible to bugs with thermal receptors, one of the reasons you’ll notice dozens of bugs hovering around the bulbs when turned on. LED bulbs, on the other hand, produce very little heat. This fact alone makes them almost invisible to bugs with thermal receptors.

Warm-Colored & LED Bug Lights

LED bug lights are designed to emit a peak light wavelength of between 550 and 600 nanometers. They have a yellow coating meant to help reduce the color temperature produced, making them almost invisible to bugs. These LED bulbs are thus recommended for outdoor applications and especially around gardens, the lawn, and pathways. Warm-colored LED lights, on the other hand, are specially designed to be invisible to bulbs. Yellow malibu light bulbs, yellow strip lights, and gold-filament bulbs are good examples of warm-colored lights intended for not only landscaping applications but to repel bugs as well.

In a study conducted to determine the best bulbs for outdoors, incandescent bulbs showed to attract more bugs, followed by compact fluorescent bulbs, then halogens, and finally LEDs with a cool color temperature. Bug light is the least attractive of all hence considered the best for outdoor applications. Warm colored Led bulbs are also recommended for they produce very little heat and blue light, therefore offer exceptional directional lighting. This makes them the perfect pick for precise and focused outdoor lighting.

Non-Traditional Twist On LED Bug Lights

While warm LED bulbs are known to be almost invisible to bugs, some manufacturers have been able to produce LED options aimed at drawing bugs in, then eliminate them in the process. These bulbs produce a white illumination coupled with a UV light in a cage at the center. Bugs are thus attracted to the UV light, causing them to be electrocuted on getting in contact with the bulb’s high-voltage electric grid.

Final Thoughts

Different light wavelengths attract different types of insects. That said, there’s no guarantee switching to LED bulbs will make your outdoors free of bulbs. One thing is, however, for sure, fewer bugs will be drawn to LED bulbs. It is also worth noting that bugs use various light wavelengths (e.g., ultraviolet) to navigate. This explains why most of them come out at night, with very few moving at all in the stillest and darkest of nights. That said, investing in light bulbs producing a warmer light and less heat, such as LEDs that produce longer wavelengths (under 3300k), can help reduce the presence of bugs in your garden. That said, consider replacing all those heat and UV emitting incandescent, compact fluorescent, halogens, and HID lights with the more energy-efficient and bug-repelling LED bulbs.

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The Positive Attributes Of Houston LED Outdoor Lighting

Benefits Of Using LED Landscape Lighting In Houston

The concept of the lightbulb may conjure images of desk lamps, vanity lights, and the overhead fixtures in an office building. However, outdoor lighting also plays a pivotal role in our daily lives, illuminating everything from sidewalks to freeways, to motion-sensing fixtures outside of our garage doors. Safety demands high-quality outdoor lighting, and it is critical to the integrity of our homes and surroundings. All too often, this type of lighting looks yellor or dull and often emits an annoying hum as well. Fortunately, LED lighting offers a much better option when it comes to brightening up our lives.

Why Choose LEDS For Outside Lighting?

There is a long list of reasons why LEDs are ideal for outdoor applications. Some of these include:

  • LEDs emit a bright, white light that is far more appealing to the eye than conventional street lamps. The result is greater safety in parking lots, streets, and sidewalks.
  • Furthermore, LEDs have much longer lifespans than more antiquated options. Depending on how they are employed, some LEDs can last upwards of 50,000 hours, or the equivalent of 25 years of use. This means a much lower need for replacement materials and insallation labor.
  • The energy efficiency offered by LEDs is yet another attractive attribute that should be noted. These lights provide greater lumens per watt, ensuring that they are much brighter than incandescent or halide competitors but still require less energy.
  • Immediate light is another appealing feature of LEDs. Conventional lights can experience a delay in warming up and turning on. When such lights are used in outdoor settings where colder temperatures are present, this can be a problem. LEDs do not need a great deal of heat in order to function, so they turn on instantaneously even when the temperatures go below zero!
  • LEDs are made to last. Their durability is attributable to the plastic used in their manufacture. Because they are not made of glass like conventional light bulbs, they are better at resisting breakage.
  • Modern LEDs are found in an impressive array of applications due to their incredible flexibility. They are seen in street lights, security sensor lights, wall-mounted options, and a great deal more.
  • It will not be long before growing number of municipalities turn to LEDs for their streetlights and security set-ups. Though these lights remain more costly than conventional options, the energy savings make up the initial difference over a period of three to five years, on average. The increased safety and security are added bonuses.

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A Helpful Guide For Hiring Outdoor Lighting Designer In Houston

Top Qualities Of The Best Houston Exterior Lighting Expert

Landscape lighting is one of the best additions you can make to your Houston, TX home. By adding beautiful exterior lighting, you will be able to enhance its curb appeal and even add safety elements to it. If you are looking to add more outdoor lighting surrounding your property, you will want to call on a professional. While you could attempt to do it yourself, dealing with the electrical elements can be risky. Not doing it properly can put your entire home in danger. That’s why it’s always recommended to let the professionals handle it. Hiring someone with experience will ensure you can get professional help to get the best results out of your outdoor lighting additions.

Here are some of the main things you should be considering when you are attempting to hire the right lighting expert in Houston, TX. You want to keep some of these qualities in mind when you are interviewing the different lighting designers.

1. Knowledge

One of the main things you should be looking for would be a lighting expert that has a lot of knowledge about the different options available. Choose someone well aware of the different fixtures available to use and the different brands or materials that would work the best. You want to ask all of the questions you have to ascertain their knowledge of the marketplace and the industry. They should be able to give you pertinent advice that you can use to figure out what would work best for your needs.

2. Licensing & Insurance

Another thing that you should be looking for when hiring someone would be whether or not they have the requisite licensing and insurance to protect yourself. You need to identify someone who is licensed by the state of Texas to properly protect yourself.

3. Do They Listen?

When you are doing your interview, you want to ensure they are taking the time to listen to what you are saying. Some experts may attempt to tell you what to do without even listening to what you have to say. You want someone who is going to take your opinion into account to ensure they are going to be able to deliver on your expectations. You also want them to listen and adhere to your budget restrictions.

4. Passion

You should be looking for someone who has a lot of passion for what they are doing. You want to find a lighting designer who is excited about the prospect of working with you. You can generally tell if someone is passionate about it by looking at their body language and their facial expressions.

5. Prideful

You want to figure out whether or not your lighting designer offers various references without you even asking them. If they can show you previous work they have completed that matches what you are looking for, it can make your decision a much easier one. You want to find someone who takes pride in his or her work to ensure you are hiring someone who is going to be excited to deliver results exceeding your expectations.

6. Reliability

You need to find a lighting designer who is willing to communicate with you consistently. You also want to hire someone who is going to arrive when they say they will and who is going to finish the job on time.

7. Warranty Or Guarantee

You want to find a lighting designer that is willing and able to offer a guarantee on their services. That way, you know that you are hiring someone who takes pride enough to take care of you if something happens in the future.

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Garden Lighting In Houston: How It Beautifies Your Outdoor Space?

The Importance Of Houston Garden Lights For Your Yard

If you’ve got a garden, you should try everything in your power to help rev up the aesthetic appeal of your yard. A beautiful garden can assist individuals in feeling pleased and happy. You can take advantage of the top garden lights since it will help you improve the appeal of your garden.

Can Houston Garden Lights Beautify Your Outdoor Place?

There are various methods and ways you can employ to assist in beautifying your garden, and choosing the right garden lights is among the best ways to make your garden appear beautiful, heavenly, and sensuous.

There are a variety of garden lights that you can have fitted in your garden. If there are specific spots that you want to highlight and make better, you can go for garden lights that are meant to illuminate colorful light over the specific area you want.

One of the major points you should bear in mind when you are purchasing garden lights is that they should be eco-friendly. A garden is a place you grow many beautiful flowers of varying sizes, styles, and colors. As such, the garden lights you use to highlight your beautiful yard shouldn’t be the very ones that dampen the growth of your flowers. It is recommended that you have a warm and soft light in the yard since it gives off the right air of charm to your garden.

Before you think about placing an order, make sure to check the details and specs of the garden lights you want to buy. When you find the right piece of lights that suit your yard, you can have them fitted, and the sight of your garden is sure to mesmerize you. So if you’re looking to bolster your yard’s aesthetic appeal, selecting the right kind of light is sure to assist you in more ways than one.

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Why It Is Necessary To Use Landscape Lighting In Houston

Top 7 Reasons To Install Houston Garden Lighting

There are several reasons you should be considering installing lighting in your garden. Below, we will be going over some of the ways garden lighting can transform your garden, make it safer, and help you enhance your home’s value. Here we go…

1. To Illuminate The Path

For one, you want to install this type of lighting to help you see exactly where you are going at all times. This is a very important element when you are considering improving your landscape.

Lighting isn’t just important, it is essential. Guests and even your own family will be able to walk through your garden and on the path much more confidently and safer. Walking up to a poorly lit path can be frightening, to say the least.

2. To Discourage Intruders

Anyone who is looking to cause you harm isn’t going to want to be noticed. Thus, they will typically look to avoid light. By investing in garden lighting solutions, you will be able to reduce the appeal of your home to potential intruders. If you do happen to become a victim of burglary, there will be a much greater chance of catching them on video or having someone spot them with proper illumination.

3. To Enjoy The Outdoors More

Very little things will offer the same kind of peacefulness as being able to sit on your lawn to stare up at the stars in the pitch black. However, that’s not likely to be something you want to do regularly.

Most nights, you will likely want to do things like lay on a hammock and read a good book or even host a BBQ with your friends and family. This is only something you will be able to do with the proper lighting in your garden/lawn.

4. To Make Picture Windows Look Better At Night

When you are sitting indoors, you may find that your windows become an eyesore at night. Unless you are covering them with expensive and luxurious draperies, you will want to enhance the look of them.

The view you can get from your windows will only worsen as the day becomes night. In place, you get nothing but a black rectangle with nothing to show for it. It can be a depressing thing to look at. By adding lighting, you can make your windows look much better even after the sunsets.

5. Enhance Your Garden’s Aesthetics

While your garden may look great in the day time when the sun is out, it likely loses its luster at night. You don’t have to allow your garden to disappear at night. By adding proper lighting, you should be able to not only enhance its nighttime aesthetics but get more enjoyment out of it too.

6. Increase Your Home’s Value

While it will take a lot more than the addition of some lighting accents, you will be able to make significant improvements with lighting alone. Lighting can help to enhance your home’s value by making your home much more attractive and boosting its curb appeal.

7. To Entertain

As mentioned, you may want to host your friends and family over. Adding lighting will allow you to make your home a much more hospitable place for your friends and family and it can help add an element to your home that you weren’t able to use before.

By speaking with local lightening companies in your area, you should be able to get the help you need to improve your home with landscape garden lighting.

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The Best Color Temperature For Houston Outdoor Lighting Pt 2

How To Identify The Best Color Temperature For Various Applications In Houston

1. Display Elements

Do you have a stone fountain, stonework, or beautiful statues in your garden and looking for the perfect lighting for the same? A 2000k to 3000k color spectrum will produce a much better shade for the garden. The stone surface will absorb the warmer temperature leaving your garden more vibrant at night. The warm color temperature combines well with the settled-cooler stone producing even better results. We, however, don’t recommend choosing cooler light temperatures (4600k – 6500k), for these will create an unsettling and ghostly look to the stone surfaces. The cooler color temperatures may, however, prove effective if looking to produce a haunted vibe, especially for Halloween.

3. Entertainment & Outdoor Living Areas

Entertainment and outdoor living spaces ought to have a calm and relaxing vibe to enable your guests to sit back and relax. Warmer LED lights (2000K – 3000k) are this recommended for this application. The warmer tones produce just enough light for the space, and don’t hurt your eyes at all. Think of how the firepit illuminates the area around. The fire’s warm glow is relaxing to look at, hence the perfect temperature for outdoor and entertainment purposes.

4. Garden Lighting

The garden is one of the few places at home you want the lighting to be spot-on. Sticking to the cooler but vibrant light color (3000K – 4000K) will help produce and even amplify the plant’s natural colors and features. These LEDs help produce and amplify the plants’ vibrancy in the garden, hence the perfect choice if looking to show your garden off.

The Outdoor Lighting Design Experts

The world of color temperature is quite vast, with a wide range of beautiful and exciting options to choose from for your outdoor spaces. This can, however, be confusing and even produce undesired results if not done correctly, one of the reasons you should consider hiring an outdoor lighting design specialist. We at Robert Huff Landscape Illumination understand all your needs and ready to give your outdoor lighting an upgrade. We offer a wide range of lighting solutions to leave your neighbors envious. Call us today for more information and to book an appointment.

Robert Huff Outdoor Lighting: Houston’s Premier Landscape Lighting Experts

With more than 30 years’ worth of experience in Houston’s landscape lighting industry, we offer both commercial and home outdoor lighting solutions for all in Houston. We are a fully licensed and insured company in Houston willing to work hand-in-hand with you to produce the best results you ever wished for. Our team of highly trained and friendly experts will strive to provide you with a custom lighting design that is aesthetically pleasing and functional, and at an affordable rate. We will transform your ordinary outdoor space into a majestic one. Feel free to call us or contact us today! Click here for the first article of this series.

The Best Color Temperature For Houston Outdoor Lighting Pt 1

Tips For Choosing The Right Color Temperature For Landscape Lighting In Houston

Outdoor lighting is commonly used to help improve safety, aesthetics, and overall look and feel of the outdoor living space in your home. While any light bulb might seem ideal for outdoor lighting, certain color temperatures produce a much better effect than others. Knowing exactly what LED color temperature to use in the pool area, the outdoor entertainment center, the walkways, driveway, and garden will go a long way in producing the best effects and results. How can you tell between various color temperatures? You may ask. This article outlines the various LED color temperatures on the market today (courtesy of Robert Huff Landscape Illumination) and how to find the perfect color for your specific application.

Color Temperature: Definition

Color temperature can also be defined as the shade/color light bulbs give off when turned on. The shade is measured in K (degree Kelvin), with the highest degree Kelvin producing cooler temperatures and the lower Kelvin number producing a warmer light. The color temperature of your bulb thus determines if it’s ideal for a certain setup or not. Here is an outline of the various LED color temperatures:

1. 2000k – 3000k: This range produces a comfortable, warm white light, ideal for intimate and calming atmospheres. LED bulbs within this color temperature are best used for outdoor kitchens, outdoor living spaces, and decorative lighting outdoors.

2. 3100k – 4500k: This color range produces a vibrant and bright cool white light. It is thus ideal for chasing shadows to provide a clear view of everything around the space. LEDs within this spectrum are thus recommended for areas requiring perfect lightings such as outdoor workshops, sheds, stairs, and even work areas. This color shade is known to encourage individual alertness while in these spaces.

3. 4600 – 6500k: This color range produces a crisp, clear shade, almost the same as the natural moon or daylight. Thus, it is the perfect choice for accent lighting, especially around garages, water decorations, swimming pools, and security lighting. These LEDs shine brightly, improving one’s central focal point as well as bring out attention to detail.

Unliked trained and experienced eyes, identifying the best color shade for various lighting applications can be daunting. For this reason, many people struggle to understand or even choose the best temperature color for their outdoor applications. Most individuals don’t know how the LED bulbs will perform until they are installed and tested for the first time. However, a trained eye will tell how the lighting temperature will be even before choosing a light bulb. It is thus, for this reason, experts at Robert Huff Landscape Illumination have decided to share a few tips to guide in choosing the right light for various applications.

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The Benefits Of Landscape Lighting & Garden Lights In Houston Pt 2

Top 5 Reasons To Install Houston Landscape Lighting & Use Garden Lights

Part 2

3. Enhance Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Believe it or not, but something as simple as outdoor lighting can help to enhance your property’s curb appeal and its overall value. After all, a home that looks appealing will be perceived to be worth more. Thus, it can present a good return on your investment beyond the other benefits you can get from it. In fact, according to the National Association of Home Builders, as many as 41 percent of prospective buyers categorize outdoor lighting as an essential quality for their future home. Likewise, 49 percent of prospective home buyers rated it as something that is a desirable quality for their future home. By using strategy and placing the lights around your yard, you should be able to boost the aesthetics of your home by a significant amount. A lot of designers use specific techniques like the moonlight effect which uses soft ‘moon-like’ lighting to illuminate the space without being too harsh.

4. Enhance The Safety Of Your Property

Outdoor lighting is not only beautiful and good for the curb appeal of your home, but it can even improve the safety of your home. After all, it can help to illuminate walkways making it much easier to get around your property without tripping in the dark. Likewise, it can help to minimize the chances you have others like delivery people getting hurt while on your property. With proper use of outdoor lighting, you can keep your family much safer while enjoying the yard when it’s dark outside.

5. Deter Crime

Another major benefit that can come from adding lighting to your home has to be its ability to deter crime. In fact, according to a lot of sources, one of the most common threats to your home is a burglary. These occur as much as every 13 seconds in the United States. By using floodlights, you can brighten up the area surrounding your property. Not only will this make any guests you are entertaining much more comfortable to be around your property, but it can deter trespassing. It can even decrease the attractiveness of your home to prospective burglars since your home will be adequately lit. If you don’t want your home to be constantly lit due to fears of having sky-high utility bills, you can use lights that have built-in motion sensors so they only get triggered when they detect motion. You will even be able to get outdoor lights with timer functionality which can help disguise your absence when on vacation.

Hire A Professional!

If you want to begin a brand new landscape lighting project to enhance your home for these reasons, you will want to hire a professional. There are so many benefits of investing in outdoor lighting as it can provide a quick and immediate return on investment through boosting your home’s curb appeal and by providing your family with all kinds of other benefits. If you are looking to get started with highlighting your home’s beautiful lawn, garden, and other features with outdoor lighting in the Greater Houston area, call us today! We are awaiting your call to provide you with ideas on how we can help along with a completely free estimate to get started. Missed the first issue of this article? Click here!

The Benefits Of Landscape Lighting & Garden Lights In Houston Pt 1

Top 5 Reasons To Install Houston Landscape Lighting & Use Garden Lights

Part 1

Your home is something that you take pride in maintaining. While you may think your work is done after you’ve planted all of your flower beds and laid down your lawn, there is much more to do. One of the best ways to enhance the overall look and feel of your yard is by adding landscape lighting and garden lights. Doing these things can help you make your home feel much safer, as well. You should be looking to consider adding outdoor lighting to your next landscaping project to get your yard feeling cozy and looking beautiful. Below, you will find some of the greatest benefits of investing in professional landscape lighting.

Here are some of the best benefits of adding professional landscape lighting:

1. Illuminate Your Space

Believe it or not, but your living room doesn’t have to be the space in and around your home where you spend all of your time. You can spend a lot of time outdoors with your friends and family with an ideal setup. Your patio and your backyard present plenty of space which makes it an optimal space to host guests, barbecues, and spend more time with your kids outdoors. Adding more professional outdoor lighting can illuminate your patio and yard no matter if you are looking to enjoy the sunshine with your kids or read a book underneath the moonlight. There are even outdoor lights that you can install that have a dim feature allowing you to adjust the level of practical lighting whether you need it for playing with your kids at night or if you are looking to enjoy a glass of wine in a romantic setting. You will find these lights available in all kinds of different designs and even shapes. Therefore, you should be able to find the right set of lights that can accentuate your outdoor space properly.

2. Highlight Your Decor

By utilizing the right outdoor lighting throughout your patio and yard, you will be able to leverage the lighting to highlight a lot of the features that your yard has. You can do things like guide visitors to your front door or even light up the walkways to enhance safety. You will even be able to utilize this type of lighting to illuminate your property lines to ensure people know where your property ends. These lights can be a great way to showcase your yard and display it in its ‘best light.’ You can strategically place all of your lights around the features you want to highlight whether it’s a water fountain or a specific bush or tree.

For instance, by using these lights in and around your flower beds, you should be able to showcase the beauty of the flowers which can improve the aesthetics of your garden even at night. You can even utilize overhead lighting for porches or incorporate them on staircases. You can even use statement lights which can help you create the right mood or even themed lights if you are looking to accentuate your beachfront property.

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LED Vs Halogen In Houston: Which Is Best For Your Landscape Lighting?

Ideas About LED & Halogen For Houston Home Landscape

Are you wondering whether to use LED or halogen bulbs for landscape lighting? If so, you have come to the right place. Both these lighting systems have their own pros and cons. It is worth exploring both the lighting fixtures in detail before making the final decision to buy landscape lighting.

The Pros Of Halogen Landscape Lighting

Halogen lighting is cheap. You will spend far less money on halogen lighting for your landscape compared to LED lighting. They are much cheaper than LED. You should expect to spend between $4 to 10 per bulb depending on the brand, size, and wattage of the halogen bulb. The quality of halogen lighting for the landscape is quite good. You won’t have any issue using halogen bulbs for landscape lighting.

The Cons Of Halogen Landscape Lighting

Halogen lights won’t last long even though they are cheap. Halogen lighting will last from 2,000 to 5,000 hours in total. That way you will pay more for halogen bulbs in the long run. You will have the replace these bulbs often – which can add up over time.

On the other hand, the cost of wiring halogen lights is also quite high. You will have to spend more money on the fixtures and parts to get the lighting working.

The Pros Of LED Landscape Lighting

LED lights are worth in the long run even though they are more expensive at first. They last for much longer compared to halogen lights. The average lifespan of LED lights is around 30,000 to 50,000 hours. Your landscape lighting will burn brighter for more than one year when you use LED lights. Depending on the use, you can expect LED lights to work for at least 10 years.

The lighting ability of LED lights is quite good similar to halogen lights. You can expect good quality landscape lighting when you use LED lights for your landscape. LED lights require less maintenance, and you will end up spending less on LED lighting in the long run. This type of lighting is also much more energy-efficient.

The Cons Of LED Landscape Lighting

LED lighting is expensive for the average homeowner. You should expect to pay between $20 to 100 per bulb depending on the type of bulb and its wattage. It’s best to place LED lights higher up in a place that’s difficult to reach when you decide to use LED lights in your landscape.

LED Vs Halogen For Landscape Lighting

LED lights are less expensive to maintain and give more flexibility in design. You will benefit from using LED lights in your landscape. Even though halogen lights are much cheaper, they won’t last long compared to LED lights. It is more expensive to maintain halogen lights compared to LED lights. That’s why you need to opt for LED lighting for your landscape. They are more efficient and will help save you a lot of money in the long run. In fact, LED lights can help save more than 80% on your energy bills in the long run. That is why you need to choose LED lights over halogen lights for your landscape.

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