Installing Outdoor Lighting In Houston: Is It Worth It? Pt 2

The Importance Of Using Houston Landscape Lighting

Part 2

(Continuation)Lighting over the garage and columns does very little to improve the architecture of your home. However, the inclusion of professional outdoor lighting can make a considerable difference when it comes to illuminating the exterior of your house.

Added Safety

Setting the mood that matches the property’s style with landscape lighting design choices.

Bodies of water, uneven surfaces, and changes in elevation, although interesting when the sun is out, become safety hazards at night. Whereas you may know how to get around in the dark, chances are that your visitors won’t. Outdoor lighting for steps and pathways improves safety. We can also design landscape lighting with a leading effect to make sure that nobody goes astray. This can be particularly essential if you have a pool or lake as a feature of your property.

Extended Use Of Your Outdoor Living Spaces

No matter the budget or size of your project or vision, lighting will work to offer the best solution that satisfies your needs.

Chances are that you want to revel in your space whether it’s during the day or at night, relaxing with family or entertaining guests, and take in the beauty you’ve envisioned and brought to fruition. Even when the night falls during winter, with adequate lighting, you can still enjoy your outdoor space. The kind of ambiance we design is totally up to you – the majestic, warm and inviting, romantic, or subtle thrill of your yard under the moon.

Draw Attention to Focal Areas

Big properties utilize landscape lighting to highlight the property and ensure security and safety to both the guests and owners.

You may be looking to draw attention to certain focal areas on your property. As already aforementioned, accentuating features of landscape and architecture can create a totally different impression of your place during the nighttime.

We See Landscape Lighting As An Artform

Given how landscape lighting is our desire, we see it as a form of art. Creating a lighting concept entails using various types of lighting sources, with precise angles and brightness levels. We know that no two designs are the same when it comes to the number of lights, brightness, and pattern, so what we craft for you will be unique. We will enhance your property with high, medium, and low-level light sources, which we’ll utilize to make a foundation, functional level, and accent lighting intensity.

By enlisting our expert landscape lighting services, you’ll be increasing the resale value of your property as well as improve aesthetic appeal. Your cherished visitors and the casual observer will experience that value all the time. It will give you the natural effect that you’re returning to a place of splendor and luxury. Call us or contact us today for any help you need with outdoor lighting. We are awaiting your call to provide you with ideas on how we can help along with a completely free estimate to get started. Missed the first issue of this article? Click here!


Installing Outdoor Lighting In Houston: Is It Worth It? Pt 1

The Importance Of Using Houston Landscape Lighting

Part 1

Delivering top-tier landscape lighting service and design is our desire and what we love to do. We provide solutions for any type of outdoor lighting dream, and since we have made it our goal to provide first-class services, we have the requisite resources and design expertise to execute the best tactic for any lighting need or outdoor space.

Why do you want landscape lighting?

When we make contact with a prospective client, we dive straight into the root of the matter. The first thing we’ll ask you when discussing the details of your project is, “What is the underlying reason for your landscape lighting?” With some exceptions, the answers often fall into these categories.

Beauty Lighting

The outdoor lighting aesthetic looks remarkable! You’ve probably observed the effect that landscape lighting has on your neighbor’s property and want to replicate that effect on your home.

Safety Lighting

You are probably living in a dark neighborhood or property and are looking to make it safer for yourself, your guests, and your family.

Security Lighting

Chances are that you’ve heard or read from local authorities that landscape lighting assists in deterring crime. Nobody likes having unwanted visitors, particularly those of the criminal sort.

Does your situation fit any of these categories? Let’s delve a little more into some of the mentioned reasons.

Improved Security

Among the top concerns is an enhanced level of security. Around 95 % of reformed housebreakers said they steered clear of houses that had well-lit exteriors. There are a variety of ways you can achieve this without blinding your neighbors in the meanwhile. Properly positioned downlighting and low-intensity lighting around the home’s perimeter is usually enough to influence a would-be burglar to go for an easier and more susceptible mark.

Curb Appeal & Added Value

You may also be looking to improve the overall curb appeal of your business or house and showcase the beautiful features of your landscape. Multiple real estate sources report that professional landscape lighting can increase as much as 20% of initial property value. Other than increasing your property’s perceived value, a professional lighting design can showcase beautiful architecture, rich elements of your house, or new inclusions.

Highlighted Landscaping & Trees

You’re probably aware that quality landscaping needs a significant investment of money and time. Given how much you’ve put into it, you should enjoy your landscaping even after sunset. Other than making them noticeable, we can create a unique drama, romance, and ambiance to landscapes with outdoor lighting, using a wide range of landscape lighting to create a certain effect.

Enhanced Architectural Features

Regardless of whether the façade is stucco, brick, or stone, your home’s exterior makes a significant statement. During the daytime when you’re working, it is the central point of your place, but when the sun sets, the architectural features disappear.

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A Professional Guide For Houston Swimming Pool Lighting

5 Landscape Lighting Ideas For Incredible Swimming Pool In Houston

Did you know it is possible to turn your back yard into an incredible resort destination through the use of a professionally designed LED landscape lighting system? Every single day we hear from countless customers about how much their living space changed with the addition of an energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting system. Below, you will find five exciting ideas that will help transform your backyard swimming area into something magical.

1. Pool Deck & Pathways

You do not want to get lost in the dark, even if it is your own backyard! By taking the time to light your pathways you are creating safety with a minimalistic design. One of the last things you want to do is create an airport runway in your backyard with far too many lights. Understand that you have a number of lighting possibilities at your disposal. If you happen to have elevated areas or large trees, you have the opportunity to create downlighting for an incredible look. Downlighting through the yard will help to create that gorgeous moonlight look that will shine down on pools, walkways, and patios.

2. Surround Landscaping

Through the use of lighting, it is possible to create incredible backdrops throughout your property with the use of your current landscaping. There are a number of landscapes that use waterfalls and ponds. It is possible to make these absolutely stunning in the evening without having to compete with current lighting that has already been setup. In most typical situations, you will want to use 2700k to 3000k color lighting.

3. Pergolas & Outdoor Kitchens

The outdoor kitchen areas, patios, and pergolas are being designed with so much more in mind. In fact, every outdoor area has become more essential, and proper lighting is needed. An example of this would be while grilling your favorite foods, you need to have the best lighting for proper cooking techniques. For the best look, choose an outdoor bar top lighting with a little bit of under the counter lighting.

4. Fire Pit & Sitting Walls

There is nothing quite like the feel of an outdoor fire on a cool night. Under Cap lighting is designed for the rock walls of a fire pit to complete your outdoor living. This can still be done if your fire pit has already been completed. Robert Huff Landscape Illumination has the experience and tools to install these gorgeous lights on completed firepits. It is possible to create an incredible lighting experience without the need for floodlights that can ruin the overall ambiance of a magical yard. Under Cap lights are the perfect solution to help differentiate between sitting areas and walkways at the same time.

5. Wall Wash

It is possible to define the property boundaries by simply washing the pillars of walls or fencing with soft warm light. This final technique is usually one of the best ways to complete your lighting project and add a touch of composition to your landscape.

It is essential that you understand how the lighting that surrounds your pool is just as important as all other lightings in the area. With the right type of lighting, it is possible to enjoy your entire living area regardless of when the sun decides to set.

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Why You Should Hire Outdoor Lighting Professional In Houston

Top Reasons To Hire Houston Landscape Lighting Specialist

DIY home projects have become increasingly popular, especially since the economy has made it hard for homeowners to spend high costs on home improvements. Numerous reality shows show how easy it is to do certain projects, and all you need is the right tools. However, when considering a lighting project, hiring a lighting professional is always better than doing it yourself.

There are various reasons why hiring a lighting contractor for exterior spaces is crucial.

Top Grade Products

It can be a little difficult to get the right lighting products, even if you have done some research. Most homeowners get disappointed after discovering that the project they were working on has not turned out how they wanted. A professional lighting contractor knows the best products for your project and also has the training and skills to do the job. You will only have to pay once and get excellent quality.

Professional Designs

You may find the right lighting tools, but have issues installing them to make the exterior of your home what you want. A trained outdoor designer knows where to place your lights to get the effects you want.

Regular Maintenance

Once you have done a DIY installation, you will also have to do any upkeep yourself. It presents another issue if you are not aware of how to go about it. A professional service can do the job and ensure that you have scheduled maintenance to keep the lighting at optimum performance all the time.

Solve Your Outdoor Lighting Challenges

Are you a resident of Houston that needs great exterior lighting? Call the professionals.

Robert Huff Landscape Illumination is a professional lighting company that provides services to residents in Houston and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us

We are a reliable lighting company that gives the clients the results they want. Our company does both exterior and interior lighting for homeowners. Call us to get superior lighting for your Houston home. Do not entrust the work of a professional lighting company to an uncertified person because most times, homeowners entrust such a job to a window or roofing contractor.

Robert Huff Landscape Illumination – The Houston Landscape Lighting Company To Call

Robert Huff Landscape Illumination is an experienced company with more than three decades in the industry. Our company deals with outdoor lighting for both residential and commercial properties and is licensed and insured. We work with our customers to ensure that they have a lighting design that is affordable and suitable for their property. We are known for our professionalism and high quality that is unmatched in Houston.

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Understanding If Bugs Are Attracted To LED Lights In Houston Pt 2

Do Houston LED Lights Attract Bugs? What You Need To Know

Part 2


HID, CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs waste off lots of energy in the form of heat, with some wasting as much as 90% of the energy provided. This makes these bulbs visible to bugs with thermal receptors, one of the reasons you’ll notice dozens of bugs hovering around the bulbs when turned on. LED bulbs, on the other hand, produce very little heat. This fact alone makes them almost invisible to bugs with thermal receptors.

Warm-Colored & LED Bug Lights

LED bug lights are designed to emit a peak light wavelength of between 550 and 600 nanometers. They have a yellow coating meant to help reduce the color temperature produced, making them almost invisible to bugs. These LED bulbs are thus recommended for outdoor applications and especially around gardens, the lawn, and pathways. Warm-colored LED lights, on the other hand, are specially designed to be invisible to bulbs. Yellow malibu light bulbs, yellow strip lights, and gold-filament bulbs are good examples of warm-colored lights intended for not only landscaping applications but to repel bugs as well.

In a study conducted to determine the best bulbs for outdoors, incandescent bulbs showed to attract more bugs, followed by compact fluorescent bulbs, then halogens, and finally LEDs with a cool color temperature. Bug light is the least attractive of all hence considered the best for outdoor applications. Warm colored Led bulbs are also recommended for they produce very little heat and blue light, therefore offer exceptional directional lighting. This makes them the perfect pick for precise and focused outdoor lighting.

Non-Traditional Twist On LED Bug Lights

While warm LED bulbs are known to be almost invisible to bugs, some manufacturers have been able to produce LED options aimed at drawing bugs in, then eliminate them in the process. These bulbs produce a white illumination coupled with a UV light in a cage at the center. Bugs are thus attracted to the UV light, causing them to be electrocuted on getting in contact with the bulb’s high-voltage electric grid.

Final Thoughts

Different light wavelengths attract different types of insects. That said, there’s no guarantee switching to LED bulbs will make your outdoors free of bulbs. One thing is, however, for sure, fewer bugs will be drawn to LED bulbs. It is also worth noting that bugs use various light wavelengths (e.g., ultraviolet) to navigate. This explains why most of them come out at night, with very few moving at all in the stillest and darkest of nights. That said, investing in light bulbs producing a warmer light and less heat, such as LEDs that produce longer wavelengths (under 3300k), can help reduce the presence of bugs in your garden. That said, consider replacing all those heat and UV emitting incandescent, compact fluorescent, halogens, and HID lights with the more energy-efficient and bug-repelling LED bulbs.

Robert Huff Outdoor Lighting: Houston’s Premier Landscape Lighting Experts

With more than 30 years’ worth of experience in Houston’s landscape lighting industry, we offer both commercial and home outdoor lighting solutions for all in Houston. We are a fully licensed and insured company in Houston willing to work hand-in-hand with you to produce the best results you ever wished for. Our team of highly trained and friendly experts will strive to provide you with a custom lighting design that is aesthetically pleasing and functional, and at an affordable rate. We will transform your ordinary outdoor space into a majestic one. Feel free to call us or contact us today! Click here for the first article of this series.

Understanding If Bugs Are Attracted To LED Lights In Houston Pt 1

Do Houston LED Lights Attract Bugs? What You Need To Know

Part 1

Bugs are a common sight around outdoor light bulbs at night. One of the reasons for this is because bugs are attracted to light sources. What exactly draws bugs to lights is a mystery yet to be solved. Most people, however, use all manner of methods and solutions, ranging from bug zappers, citronella, and bug spray, to keep the bugs out but to no avail. Surprisingly, LED lights seem to attract fewer bugs than incandescent lights, hence the perfect remedy for keeping your outdoor area free of bugs. While it may not eliminate all bugs completely, switching to LED outdoor lighting might keep most of them away.

Many scientists have been trying to unravel the relationship between bugs and light sources, leading to one conclusion. Bugs are incredibly responsive to short wavelengths of visible and Ultraviolet light. They are thus attracted to light wavelengths of less than 550 nanometers. Light wavelengths within this spectrum include green, blue, and ultraviolet colors. These wavelengths are not only present in incandescent lights, but the moon and sun as well. This explains why bugs surface when the moon is up. In addition to this, some bugs, especially mosquitos, are attracted to heat sources as well. They are equipped with thermal receptors that help detect and follow heat sources. These revelations have helped scientists get an idea of why bugs flock to some light sources and not all.

Light Wavelengths & Color Temperature

As mentioned earlier, bugs are attracted to and can see UV, green, and blue light (shorter wavelengths) as compared to longer wavelengths (red, orange, and yellow). It is for this reason that bugs are attracted to light sources that emit such types of lights, including incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent, and high-intensity discharge lights. These light bulbs emit an intense UV light that attracts all manner of bugs. LED bulbs, on the other hand, produce very little to no UV light, making them invisible to bugs. Some types of LEDs might, however, have short-wavelength lights, hence could attract bugs as well. It would thus be advisable to shop for LED bulbs emitting wavelengths of 550 nanometers and more. An excellent example of these, are LED bulbs manufactured to produce yellow, ultra-warm white, and warm white light.

LED manufacturers do not list wavelengths that an LED bulb can produce (nanometers), but rather list it as CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) or Kelvin (K). LED bulbs listed with less than 3600K thus emit warm light not visible to bugs. LED bulbs with a CCT of over 3600k, however, produce relaxed or natural white lite, hence known to attract lots of insects and bugs.

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residential and commercial led low voltage landscape lighting

The Positive Attributes Of Houston LED Outdoor Lighting

Benefits Of Using LED Landscape Lighting In Houston

The concept of the lightbulb may conjure images of desk lamps, vanity lights, and the overhead fixtures in an office building. However, outdoor lighting also plays a pivotal role in our daily lives, illuminating everything from sidewalks to freeways, to motion-sensing fixtures outside of our garage doors. Safety demands high-quality outdoor lighting, and it is critical to the integrity of our homes and surroundings. All too often, this type of lighting looks yellow or dull and often emits an annoying hum as well. Fortunately, LED lighting offers a much better option when it comes to brightening up our lives.

Why Choose LEDs For Outside Lighting?

There is a long list of reasons why LEDs are ideal for outdoor applications. Some of these include:

  • LEDs emit a bright, white light that is far more appealing to the eye than conventional street lamps. The result is greater safety in parking lots, streets, and sidewalks.
  • Furthermore, LEDs have much longer lifespans than more antiquated options. Depending on how they are employed, some LEDs can last upwards of 50,000 hours or the equivalent of 25 years of use. This means a much lower need for replacement materials and installation labor.
  • The energy efficiency offered by LEDs is yet another attractive attribute that should be noted. These lights provide greater lumens per watt, ensuring that they are much brighter than incandescent or halide competitors but still require less energy.
  • Immediate light is another appealing feature of LEDs. Conventional lights can experience a delay in warming up and turning on. When such lights are used in outdoor settings where colder temperatures are present, this can be a problem. LEDs do not need a great deal of heat in order to function, so they turn on instantaneously even when the temperatures go below zero!
  • LEDs are made to last. Their durability is attributable to the plastic used in their manufacture. Because they are not made of glass like conventional light bulbs, they are better at resisting breakage.
  • Modern LEDs are found in an impressive array of applications due to their incredible flexibility. They are seen in street lights, security sensor lights, wall-mounted options, and a great deal more.
  • It will not be long before growing number of municipalities turn to LEDs for their streetlights and security set-ups. Though these lights remain more costly than conventional options, the energy savings make up the initial difference over a period of three to five years, on average. The increased safety and security are added bonuses.

Contact Robert Huff Landscape Illumination For Your Outdoor LED Needs

With more than three decades of experience serving the Houston and Austin, Texas areas, Robert Huff Landscape Illumination stands ready to assist with your outdoor LED needs. Our team is fully insured and licensed and our professionals are prepared to provide the custom commercial or residential design and installation services you deserve. We are committed to delivering a cost-effective, visually appealing lighting system that suits your unique goals and objectives. Contact us or call us today to learn more about the amazing possibilities.

A Helpful Guide For Hiring Outdoor Lighting Designer In Houston

Top Qualities Of The Best Houston Exterior Lighting Expert

Landscape lighting is one of the best additions you can make to your Houston, TX home. By adding beautiful exterior lighting, you will be able to enhance its curb appeal and even add safety elements to it. If you are looking to add more outdoor lighting surrounding your property, you will want to call on a professional. While you could attempt to do it yourself, dealing with the electrical elements can be risky. Not doing it properly can put your entire home in danger. That’s why it’s always recommended to let the professionals handle it. Hiring someone with experience will ensure you can get professional help to get the best results out of your outdoor lighting additions.

Here are some of the main things you should be considering when you are attempting to hire the right lighting expert in Houston, TX. You want to keep some of these qualities in mind when you are interviewing the different lighting designers.

1. Knowledge

One of the main things you should be looking for would be a lighting expert that has a lot of knowledge about the different options available. Choose someone well aware of the different fixtures available to use and the different brands or materials that would work the best. You want to ask all of the questions you have to ascertain their knowledge of the marketplace and the industry. They should be able to give you pertinent advice that you can use to figure out what would work best for your needs.

2. Licensing & Insurance

Another thing that you should be looking for when hiring someone would be whether or not they have the requisite licensing and insurance to protect yourself. You need to identify someone who is licensed by the state of Texas to properly protect yourself.

3. Do They Listen?

When you are doing your interview, you want to ensure they are taking the time to listen to what you are saying. Some experts may attempt to tell you what to do without even listening to what you have to say. You want someone who is going to take your opinion into account to ensure they are going to be able to deliver on your expectations. You also want them to listen and adhere to your budget restrictions.

4. Passion

You should be looking for someone who has a lot of passion for what they are doing. You want to find a lighting designer who is excited about the prospect of working with you. You can generally tell if someone is passionate about it by looking at their body language and their facial expressions.

5. Prideful

You want to figure out whether or not your lighting designer offers various references without you even asking them. If they can show you previous work they have completed that matches what you are looking for, it can make your decision a much easier one. You want to find someone who takes pride in his or her work to ensure you are hiring someone who is going to be excited to deliver results exceeding your expectations.

6. Reliability

You need to find a lighting designer who is willing to communicate with you consistently. You also want to hire someone who is going to arrive when they say they will and who is going to finish the job on time.

7. Warranty Or Guarantee

You want to find a lighting designer that is willing and able to offer a guarantee on their services. That way, you know that you are hiring someone who takes pride enough to take care of you if something happens in the future.

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Garden Lighting In Houston: How It Beautifies Your Outdoor Space?

The Importance Of Houston Garden Lights For Your Yard

If you’ve got a garden, you should try everything in your power to help rev up the aesthetic appeal of your yard. A beautiful garden can assist individuals in feeling pleased and happy. You can take advantage of the top garden lights since they will help you improve the appeal of your garden.

Can Houston Garden Lights Beautify Your Outdoor Place?

There are various methods and ways you can employ to assist in beautifying your garden and choosing the right garden lights is among the best ways to make your garden appear beautiful, heavenly, and sensuous.

There are a variety of garden lights that you can have fitted in your garden. If there are specific spots that you want to highlight and make better, you can go for garden lights that are meant to illuminate colorful light over the specific area you want.

One of the major points you should bear in mind when you are purchasing garden lights is that they should be eco-friendly. A garden is a place you grow many beautiful flowers of varying sizes, styles, and colors. As such, the garden lights you use to highlight your beautiful yard shouldn’t be the very ones that dampen the growth of your flowers. It is recommended that you have a warm and soft light in the yard since it gives off the right air of charm to your garden.

Before you think about placing an order, make sure to check the details and specs of the garden lights you want to buy. When you find the right piece of lights that suits your yard, you can have them fitted, and the sight of your garden is sure to mesmerize you. So if you’re looking to bolster your yard’s aesthetic appeal, selecting the right kind of light is sure to assist you in more ways than one.

Robert Huff Outdoor Lighting Is Top-Dog In The Landscape Lighting Scene In Houston

Robert Huff Landscape Illumination gives you 30+ years of working experience on the ground in Houston. We are an insured, bonded, and licensed outdoor lighting business situated in Houston, TX, and also offer outdoor lighting services in Austin, TX. Our professional commercial lighting and outdoor home lighting team will work directly with you to ascertain a bespoke lighting design that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and affordable. Our aim is to provide a consistently top level of responsibility and professional care in every job we do. With us, you can be sure of getting quality services each step of the way as we convert the ordinary into something sublime.

Give us a call or contact us today if you need help with your garden lighting and for more pieces of information! Please feel free to visit our blog for more related topics and articles.

Why It Is Necessary To Use Landscape Lighting In Houston

Top 7 Reasons To Install Houston Garden Lighting

There are several reasons you should be considering installing lighting in your garden. Below, we will be going over some of the ways garden lighting can transform your garden, make it safer, and help you enhance your home’s value. Here we go…

1. To Illuminate The Path

For one, you want to install this type of lighting to help you see exactly where you are going at all times. This is a very important element when you are considering improving your landscape.

Lighting isn’t just important, it is essential. Guests and even your own family will be able to walk through your garden and on the path much more confidently and safer. Walking up to a poorly lit path can be frightening, to say the least.

2. To Discourage Intruders

Anyone who is looking to cause you harm isn’t going to want to be noticed. Thus, they will typically look to avoid light. By investing in garden lighting solutions, you will be able to reduce the appeal of your home to potential intruders. If you do happen to become a victim of burglary, there will be a much greater chance of catching them on video or having someone spot them with proper illumination.

3. To Enjoy The Outdoors More

Very little things will offer the same kind of peacefulness as being able to sit on your lawn to stare up at the stars in the pitch black. However, that’s not likely to be something you want to do regularly.

Most nights, you will likely want to do things like lay on a hammock and read a good book or even host a BBQ with your friends and family. This is only something you will be able to do with the proper lighting in your garden/lawn.

4. To Make Picture Windows Look Better At Night

When you are sitting indoors, you may find that your windows become an eyesore at night. Unless you are covering them with expensive and luxurious draperies, you will want to enhance the look of them.

The view you can get from your windows will only worsen as the day becomes night. In place, you get nothing but a black rectangle with nothing to show for it. It can be a depressing thing to look at. By adding lighting, you can make your windows look much better even after the sunsets.

5. Enhance Your Garden’s Aesthetics

While your garden may look great in the day time when the sun is out, it likely loses its luster at night. You don’t have to allow your garden to disappear at night. By adding proper lighting, you should be able to not only enhance its nighttime aesthetics but get more enjoyment out of it too.

6. Increase Your Home’s Value

While it will take a lot more than the addition of some lighting accents, you will be able to make significant improvements with lighting alone. Lighting can help to enhance your home’s value by making your home much more attractive and boosting its curb appeal.

7. To Entertain

As mentioned, you may want to host your friends and family over. Adding lighting will allow you to make your home a much more hospitable place for your friends and family and it can help add an element to your home that you weren’t able to use before.

By speaking with local lightening companies in your area, you should be able to get the help you need to improve your home with landscape garden lighting.

Call us or contact us today for any help you need with your landscape lighting and for more pieces of information! Please feel free to visit our blog for more related topics and articles.