Is It Possible To Install Houston LED Lights Outside

Advantages & Reasons To Use LED Lights Outdoor In Houston

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in providing illumination to dark areas, hence helping discourage crime, reduce the risk of injuries, and make your otherwise dark patio livable, especially when holding a party. Until recently, many people were stuck to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs for both accent and outdoor lighting. LED technology has, however, revolutionized this sector by providing energy-efficient means of keeping your home, businesses, and public spaces lit. There’s, however, some confusion on if LED lights can be used safely outdoors. You can thus enjoy the convenience and energy efficiency that these lights have to offer when compared to traditional lighting options.

LED lights are considered the ideal option for all industrial, commercial, and residential outdoor lighting needs. They come bundled with the same benefits as when used indoors. Some of the benefits of using LEDs outdoors include low maintenance costs, as well as minimal replacement costs. Here are some of the advantages and reasons to use LED lights outdoors.

1. Clear, Bright Light

Traditional lighting fixtures, such as mercury vapor and metal-halide lamps, tend to start with clear white light but eventually start turning into a visible pink or orange color. Such transition makes them impractical. On the other hand, LEDs produce a clear and consistent white light all through the fixture’s life. This is regardless of how long the LED is used. Technology has also made it possible to adjust the LED light spectrum manually to produce warmer or even brighter light depending on the application.

2. Energy Efficiency

LED lights use up more than 90% of the energy supplied to produce light. They thus do not waste energy in the form of heat light like metal-halide and incandescent lamps do. In addition to this, LEDs require only a fraction of the energy to produce the same light intensity as these incandescents. This is one reason why LEDs are considered more energy efficient than bulbs using filaments to produce light. Additionally, you never have to worry about wasted energy or huge replacement costs.

3. Lower Cost Of Ownership & Bills

LEDs not only produce the same amount of light for less wattage but also last a lot longer. That said, you can be assured your LEDs will last for months, or even years before a replacement is needed. They also run cool, which again reduces the risk of burning out or needing frequent replacement. All these translate to money savings in the long run.

4. Available In Various Shapes, Forms & Styles

LED lights to come in a wide range of shapes, forms, and designs, all that befit most applications. You can thus use the lights for both outdoor lighting and decorative purposes as well.

The fact that LED lights are durable, energy-efficient, and produce the same amount of light for less wattage makes them the ideal option for outdoor lighting. You will also be saving lots of money after making the switch.

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