The Best Color Temperature For Houston Outdoor Lighting Pt 2

How To Identify The Best Color Temperature For Various Applications In Houston

1. Display Elements

Do you have a stone fountain, stonework, or beautiful statues in your garden and looking for the perfect lighting for the same? A 2000k to 3000k color spectrum will produce a much better shade for the garden. The stone surface will absorb the warmer temperature leaving your garden more vibrant at night. The warm color temperature combines well with the settled-cooler stone producing even better results. We, however, don’t recommend choosing cooler light temperatures (4600k – 6500k), for these will create an unsettling and ghostly look to the stone surfaces. The cooler color temperatures may, however, prove effective if looking to produce a haunted vibe, especially for Halloween.

3. Entertainment & Outdoor Living Areas

Entertainment and outdoor living spaces ought to have a calm and relaxing vibe to enable your guests to sit back and relax. Warmer LED lights (2000K – 3000k) are this recommended for this application. The warmer tones produce just enough light for the space, and don’t hurt your eyes at all. Think of how the firepit illuminates the area around. The fire’s warm glow is relaxing to look at, hence the perfect temperature for outdoor and entertainment purposes.

4. Garden Lighting

The garden is one of the few places at home you want the lighting to be spot-on. Sticking to the cooler but vibrant light color (3000K – 4000K) will help produce and even amplify the plant’s natural colors and features. These LEDs help produce and amplify the plants’ vibrancy in the garden, hence the perfect choice if looking to show your garden off.

The Outdoor Lighting Design Experts

The world of color temperature is quite vast, with a wide range of beautiful and exciting options to choose from for your outdoor spaces. This can, however, be confusing and even produce undesired results if not done correctly, one of the reasons you should consider hiring an outdoor lighting design specialist. We at Robert Huff Landscape Illumination understand all your needs and ready to give your outdoor lighting an upgrade. We offer a wide range of lighting solutions to leave your neighbors envious. Call us today for more information and to book an appointment.

Robert Huff Outdoor Lighting: Houston’s Premier Landscape Lighting Experts

With more than 30 years’ worth of experience in Houston’s landscape lighting industry, we offer both commercial and home outdoor lighting solutions for all in Houston. We are a fully licensed and insured company in Houston willing to work hand-in-hand with you to produce the best results you ever wished for. Our team of highly trained and friendly experts will strive to provide you with a custom lighting design that is aesthetically pleasing and functional, and at an affordable rate. We will transform your ordinary outdoor space into a majestic one. Feel free to call us or contact us today! Click here for the first article of this series.

The Best Color Temperature For Houston Outdoor Lighting Pt 1

Tips For Choosing The Right Color Temperature For Landscape Lighting In Houston

Outdoor lighting is commonly used to help improve safety, aesthetics, and overall look and feel of the outdoor living space in your home. While any light bulb might seem ideal for outdoor lighting, certain color temperatures produce a much better effect than others. Knowing exactly what LED color temperature to use in the pool area, the outdoor entertainment center, the walkways, driveway, and garden will go a long way in producing the best effects and results. How can you tell between various color temperatures? You may ask. This article outlines the various LED color temperatures on the market today (courtesy of Robert Huff Landscape Illumination) and how to find the perfect color for your specific application.

Color Temperature: Definition

Color temperature can also be defined as the shade/color light bulbs give off when turned on. The shade is measured in K (degree Kelvin), with the highest degree Kelvin producing cooler temperatures and the lower Kelvin number producing a warmer light. The color temperature of your bulb thus determines if it’s ideal for a certain setup or not. Here is an outline of the various LED color temperatures:

1. 2000k – 3000k: This range produces a comfortable, warm white light, ideal for intimate and calming atmospheres. LED bulbs within this color temperature are best used for outdoor kitchens, outdoor living spaces, and decorative lighting outdoors.

2. 3100k – 4500k: This color range produces a vibrant and bright cool white light. It is thus ideal for chasing shadows to provide a clear view of everything around the space. LEDs within this spectrum are thus recommended for areas requiring perfect lightings such as outdoor workshops, sheds, stairs, and even work areas. This color shade is known to encourage individual alertness while in these spaces.

3. 4600 – 6500k: This color range produces a crisp, clear shade, almost the same as the natural moon or daylight. Thus, it is the perfect choice for accent lighting, especially around garages, water decorations, swimming pools, and security lighting. These LEDs shine brightly, improving one’s central focal point as well as bring out attention to detail.

Unliked trained and experienced eyes, identifying the best color shade for various lighting applications can be daunting. For this reason, many people struggle to understand or even choose the best temperature color for their outdoor applications. Most individuals don’t know how the LED bulbs will perform until they are installed and tested for the first time. However, a trained eye will tell how the lighting temperature will be even before choosing a light bulb. It is thus, for this reason, experts at Robert Huff Landscape Illumination have decided to share a few tips to guide in choosing the right light for various applications.

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What are the Best Outdoor Lights for your Home?

Choosing an outdoor light fixture for your house serves an important function. Without them, we would not be able to see at night. The blessing of modern technology has made us able to use something more reliable than fire. Outdoor light is about more than providing us with a way to see at night. These lights make for excellent decorations. They can also enhance the decorations you already have. To be sure that lighting is the best it can be in your yard, it’s important to do your research. The taste you have may be different from someone who told you about a great option for yard lighting by word of mouth.

The functions that outdoor lighting serve are endless. They help us park in our driveway without running over our mailbox. They highlight beautiful trees and flower beds that otherwise wouldn’t be seen at night. These beautiful decorations make every yard perfect. To understand how they can enhance your yard, it’s important to know what you’re going to use them for. Do you have a stone path? Many homeowners are buying outdoor lights to make it possible to step on the stones and not the grass at night. It is important to know what is the best landscape lighting. Here are the 5 best outdoor lights you can find in-store or on the internet:

Muse Outdoor Lamp Battery Powered

This lamp provides more than light, it is also a beautiful decoration. With the modern and artsy look of its X design, it is sure to look excellent on the side of any swimming pool. The handle on the lamp makes this light extremely easy to transport. They provide a dim light, so they may not be the best option if you need high lighting in the area. While they are referred to as a table lamp by the company, they are certainly big enough to be put on the ground.

Halley Floor To Floor Lamp

This lamp is designed to look like an arch. It is perfect to go over a chair or a hammock. Those who would like to read a book in their backyard at night need adequate lighting to do so. This light goes straight over the chair and makes it possible to see the pages. This light is also perfect to go over seating arrangements. Beautiful lights are completely necessary at a wedding reception. The Halley Floor light provides it perfectly. Look for light companies in Houston as they will help you if you need any assistance with the lightings.

Daylight Table Lamp

This is a chandelier lamp. No one would have ever thought it possible to have one of these in the backyard. It’s so beautiful to look at you almost don’t care about its function; however, it provides enough light for any guest to be able to see their plates. It also creates an enchanting look when it is put in the middle of the yard for decoration. An elegant rose garden couldn’t possibly have a better mate than this outdoor light. While it may seem delicate, it is almost completely weather resistant. Only extreme weather conditions can harm this light.

So Fresh Led

At great parties, there is always wine. Too bad it’s so hard to see the bottle in the dark. This light is perfect for parties were adult drinks are served. The led light is a wine holder. You will be sure to delight all the guests who are 21 and older with this beautiful way to display it.

#5 Point Led

This light is perfect to place along pathways. It is a small light that is put on the ground. It looks sort of like a mini hill. It is battery powered, so cords aren’t necessary. The lights can be placed along the stone path to make it possible to see the stones while you’re walking down it. It also has a color-changing feature as most led lights do. You can pick out the color that suits your path the best. It also helps as you won’t get bored.

Which To Choose?

If you’re worrying how much does it cost for landscape lighting you should canvass first to see what fits best for you. All of these are excellent lights. As you can see, they all serve different purposes. Pick the one that’s right for you and go with it. These lights are more than just functional, they’re incredibly aesthetically pleasing. You’ll love the look and your guests will too.

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