Attracting Potential Home Buyers Using Houston Landscape Lighting Pt 1

How Landscape Lighting Can Increase Your Home’s Value In Houston

Part 1

Few home builders, real estate professionals, and homeowners give little regard to low voltage lighting and how it can help sell a home. When selling your property, you should not disregard any weaknesses while highlighting is best features. People tend to assume that landscaping and enhancing a properties curb appeal is not necessary; however, first impressions are an essential element in attracting potential buyers.

It is possible to enhance your home’s beauty by adding some landscape lighting. The lights can be used to produce soft illumination that creates a warm ambiance while showcasing structural details. Such soft lighting, mostly comprising of low volt led lights, can help increase your home’s value. Not many improvements will be investments that offer 100% ROI, but landscape lighting is the closest thing to achieve this.

So, how can you take advantage of low-voltage outdoor lightings to enhance curb appeal and increase your property’s market value?

1. Highlight Your Home’s Exterior Architecture

Why have a beautifully detailed walkway and not show it off? You can draw people’s attention to it using landscape lighting. Consider soft illuminating bulbs that light up the plants and hedges leading to the yard. Potential buyers can prefer nighttime open houses will picture themselves hosting parties and gatherings with family and friends.

The subtle lighting can create a memorable experience, having a lasting impression on all that visit your home, which is what you want with prospective buyers. The lights can evoke a comforting warmth that few people might not associate with simple exterior lighting and landscaping design.

Up-lighting will produce an upward illumination, which makes it an excellent choice for accentuation tall features like walls, trees, and pillars, creating light and shadows. You can use a predetermined amount of lighting to silhouette various landscaped elements like the shrubbery or statues. The lights and shadows up-lighting produce will create a focal point in your backyard or a few of them around the house, increasing visual interest.

Overhead lighting in trees or on the roof can cast light down, and you can use low voltage bulbs with an illumination that mimics moonlight. It will be enough to guide people as they walk around the yard or property at night. You can top up the presentation by installing subtle lights that highlight your unique door.

Research shows that many homeowners and real estate professionals prefer properties with a customize and definitive landscape lighting setup. The system can potentially increase the property’s market value by as much as 20%. And according to the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders), 90% of home buyers consider outdoor lighting as one of the highly desirable exterior elements of a house.

2. Enhance The Open House Experience

Imagine planning for an open house event to run in the evening when the sun is about to set. Prospective buyers in attendance will have an opportunity to see how the home transforms as the sun goes down. It can be a presentation with a significant dramatic emotional effect that can lead to come compelling offer from interested buyers.

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