Installing Outdoor Lighting In Houston: Is It Worth It? Pt 1

The Importance Of Using Houston Landscape Lighting

Part 1

Delivering top-tier landscape lighting service and design is our desire and what we love to do. We provide solutions for any type of outdoor lighting dream, and since we have made it our goal to provide first-class services, we have the requisite resources and design expertise to execute the best tactic for any lighting need or outdoor space.

Why do you want landscape lighting?

When we make contact with a prospective client, we dive straight into the root of the matter. The first thing we’ll ask you when discussing the details of your project is, “What is the underlying reason for your landscape lighting?” With some exceptions, the answers often fall into these categories.

Beauty Lighting

The outdoor lighting aesthetic looks remarkable! You’ve probably observed the effect that landscape lighting has on your neighbor’s property and want to replicate that effect on your home.

Safety Lighting

You are probably living in a dark neighborhood or property and are looking to make it safer for yourself, your guests, and your family.

Security Lighting

Chances are that you’ve heard or read from local authorities that landscape lighting assists in deterring crime. Nobody likes having unwanted visitors, particularly those of the criminal sort.

Does your situation fit any of these categories? Let’s delve a little more into some of the mentioned reasons.

Improved Security

Among the top concerns is an enhanced level of security. Around 95 % of reformed housebreakers said they steered clear of houses that had well-lit exteriors. There are a variety of ways you can achieve this without blinding your neighbors in the meanwhile. Properly positioned downlighting and low-intensity lighting around the home’s perimeter is usually enough to influence a would-be burglar to go for an easier and more susceptible mark.

Curb Appeal & Added Value

You may also be looking to improve the overall curb appeal of your business or house and showcase the beautiful features of your landscape. Multiple real estate sources report that professional landscape lighting can increase as much as 20% of initial property value. Other than increasing your property’s perceived value, a professional lighting design can showcase beautiful architecture, rich elements of your house, or new inclusions.

Highlighted Landscaping & Trees

You’re probably aware that quality landscaping needs a significant investment of money and time. Given how much you’ve put into it, you should enjoy your landscaping even after sunset. Other than making them noticeable, we can create a unique drama, romance, and ambiance to landscapes with outdoor lighting, using a wide range of landscape lighting to create a certain effect.

Enhanced Architectural Features

Regardless of whether the façade is stucco, brick, or stone, your home’s exterior makes a significant statement. During the daytime when you’re working, it is the central point of your place, but when the sun sets, the architectural features disappear.

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