A Professional Guide For Houston Swimming Pool Lighting

5 Landscape Lighting Ideas For Incredible Swimming Pool In Houston

Did you know it is possible to turn your back yard into an incredible resort destination through the use of a professionally designed LED landscape lighting system? Every single day we hear from countless customers about how much their living space changed with the addition of an energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting system. Below, you will find five exciting ideas that will help transform your backyard swimming area into something magical.

1. Pool Deck & Pathways

You do not want to get lost in the dark, even if it is your own backyard! By taking the time to light your pathways you are creating safety with a minimalistic design. One of the last things you want to do is create an airport runway in your backyard with far too many lights. Understand that you have a number of lighting possibilities at your disposal. If you happen to have elevated areas or large trees, you have the opportunity to create downlighting for an incredible look. Downlighting through the yard will help to create that gorgeous moonlight look that will shine down on pools, walkways, and patios.

2. Surround Landscaping

Through the use of lighting, it is possible to create incredible backdrops throughout your property with the use of your current landscaping. There are a number of landscapes that use waterfalls and ponds. It is possible to make these absolutely stunning in the evening without having to compete with current lighting that has already been setup. In most typical situations, you will want to use 2700k to 3000k color lighting.

3. Pergolas & Outdoor Kitchens

The outdoor kitchen areas, patios, and pergolas are being designed with so much more in mind. In fact, every outdoor area has become more essential, and proper lighting is needed. An example of this would be while grilling your favorite foods, you need to have the best lighting for proper cooking techniques. For the best look, choose an outdoor bar top lighting with a little bit of under the counter lighting.

4. Fire Pit & Sitting Walls

There is nothing quite like the feel of an outdoor fire on a cool night. Under Cap lighting is designed for the rock walls of a fire pit to complete your outdoor living. This can still be done if your fire pit has already been completed. Robert Huff Landscape Illumination has the experience and tools to install these gorgeous lights on completed firepits. It is possible to create an incredible lighting experience without the need for floodlights that can ruin the overall ambiance of a magical yard. Under Cap lights are the perfect solution to help differentiate between sitting areas and walkways at the same time.

5. Wall Wash

It is possible to define the property boundaries by simply washing the pillars of walls or fencing with soft warm light. This final technique is usually one of the best ways to complete your lighting project and add a touch of composition to your landscape.

It is essential that you understand how the lighting that surrounds your pool is just as important as all other lightings in the area. With the right type of lighting, it is possible to enjoy your entire living area regardless of when the sun decides to set.

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