Houston LED Landscape Lights: Is It Good For Outdoor Lighting Purposes?

Reasons To Use LED Landscape Lights For Outdoor Lighting In Houston

An LED (light-emitting diode) is a semiconductor that emits light. Light is produced when current flows in the semiconductor recombining with electron holes, hence releasing photon energy. LEDs are known to produce light in different spectrums and light. The color of light emitted is however dependent on the number of electrons needed to release energy across the bandgap. For white light, a layer of light-emitting phosphor or multiple semiconductors have to be used on the semiconductor device.

LED lights are common in both indoor and outdoor lighting. LED landscape lighting makes the perfect choice if looking for durability, energy efficiency, and even adaptability. When compared to other types of lighting, LED landscape lighting is far more beneficial and versatile, a reason many people are making the switch.

In addition to making it easy to keep your outdoors well lit, LED lights are relatively easy to maintain and don’t attract high lighting bills. That said, LED lights will help keep the landscape looking great without needing regular maintenance, as well as keep everyone around safe. Many city landscape designers choose to use this type of lighting in an attempt to not only make the city beautiful but safe for all.

While LEDs come in handy in landscape lighting, it would be advisable to choose the right type of LEDs for the job. Some of the factors you ought to consider when selecting LEDs include output light options, the specific project, and lighting design, among other preferences. Discussed below are some of the advantages and reasons you should consider using LED landscape lighting.

1. Compatibility With Detection Controls

LED landscape lighting systems can be attached to sensors and other control systems making it easy to control the intensity of light, as well as adjust brightness when needed. In addition to this, these systems can be programmed to turn on when the system doesn’t detect natural light, with the intensity increasing as the night progresses. In addition to this, the LEDs will dim progressively as daylight starts setting in in the morning.

There is a wide variety of high-quality LED landscape lighting system controls and products on the market that one can choose from. As mentioned earlier, most of these systems are compatible with various systems and can be programmed as per the client’s needs. As an added advantage, no manual intervention is required to switch the lights on or off. As long as the systems are programmed well, you can focus on other things knowing everything will work as desired. You also never have to worry about substantial energy bills either.

2. Adaptability & Flexibility To Various Landscapes

The LED lighting is very flexible and can be used in almost any landscape design. The LEDs are not only easy to install but can also be extended over time covering the entire landscape as per your wishes. As an added advantage, LEDs can be set to various moods. This is because you can switch from one color to another at the touch of a button. All that is needed to make this possible is to ensure you have the proper landscape lighting design, and a few low-voltage LED transformers if covering an extensive landscape.

Most landscape designers will start small then expand their focus over time. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can use LED landscape lighting for whatever designs you have. It’s worth noting that LED lighting systems make it possible to expand an existing line without necessarily starting over. This thus means you can make the landscape much safer with efficient lighting.

Unlike most light sources that emit lots of heat, LEDs emit very little heat in the form of IR. That said, you can be assured none of your fabrics or sensitive objects will be damaged by heat radiated by the same. Much of the heat produced by the LEDs is dispersed through its base.

3. They Are Perfect For Hard To Reach Areas & Spaces

You can control light intensity from these LEDs by lowering the forward current or by pulse-width modulation. This is the reason they are slowly becoming popular on car headlights. They also produce a stroboscopic effect when viewed from a distance, a factor that makes them stand out from other types of light.

LED lights can be installed in areas you would have considered impossible for a light fixture to be installed. LED landscape lights can, therefore, be used to light up the outdoors creating a backdrop for guests and strangers, especially at night. These come in handy when holding an outdoor event such as a party among other celebrations.

LED lights require minimal to no maintenance once installed. That said, you can have the lights installed and even leave them for years without turning them on. You won’t even have to replace the LEDs when you come back or need to use them. This is the reason why installing them in hard to reach areas won’t be a problem. That said, you can be assured of many years of service and longevity once the LED landscape lights are installed.

4. They Are An Energy-Efficient Option

LEDs are presumably the most energy-efficient landscape lighting options on the market today. These elements use up a fraction of what incandescent and even fluorescents use. You therefore never have to worry about substantial energy bills from keeping your landscape well-lit and looking beautiful at night. According to consumer reports, LED landscape lighting is at least 90% more energy-efficient as compared to other lighting options. As an added advantage, LEDs have a longer shelf life as well. They are capable of lasting up to 100,000 hours before requiring a replacement. This, therefore, saves you both time and money in terms of energy bills and replacements

5. LED Landscape Lights Are Eco-Friendly

If concerned about energy efficiency and particularly careful about your carbon footprint, you can then rest assured that LED lights are environmentally safe. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs do not contain mercury or any other harmful compound. They are also 100% recyclable.

From the facts and benefits outlined above, it is evident that LEDs are the perfect choice for landscape lighting. In addition to their versatility and durability, you will be saving lots of money in energy bills and maintenance.

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