Porch Light Safety Rules In Houston: Leave It On Or Not?

A Helpful Guide To Houston Porch Light Safety

Porch lights can provide you with convenience and safety. You won’t have to search for your keys for many long minutes, so you’ll be inside your home within seconds.

This light will also deter potential burglars, as they won’t be too keen to intrude into an apparently occupied dwelling. Nevertheless, smart thieves pay close attention to details, so they will probably know when and how you turn your porch and deck lighting on and off.

If you want to keep burglars off your home, think about the best times to keep your porch lights on or off.

Best Times To Turn Your Porch Light On

At Night, When You Are Home

This is the perfect time to leave your porch light on. It warns potential intruders that you are at home, particularly if you also leave some indoor lights on. Also, you can easily spot anyone approaching your home.

When You Know Someone In Your Home Will Return Late At Night

If you know you’re going to return very late at night, you can leave the porch light on. It will keep burglars away and will also allow you to find your keys and to unlock your door faster.

When You Leave Your Children At Home

If you get out for the evening and you leave your kids at home, leave your porch light on. Also, switch on some of the indoor light, just for potential intruders to see that there’s someone home. Your children will love to have some light on the porch, as they will feel safer.

When You Expect A Home Delivery

If you know you’re going to receive a package, you should leave the porch light on. This will help the delivery person find your home easier.

Best Times To Turn Your Porch Lights Off

When You Leave For A Longer Period Of Time

Whenever you have to leave the town, either for business or vacation, you should turn your porch light off during the day. Potential intruders will know that you’re not home when they will see such a waste of energy. If you’re keen on having your porch light on during the night, ask one of your neighbors to come and turn it on and off, or buy a light timer. The point is to create the illusion that you’re home.

When You Go To Sleep

There’s no reason why you should keep your porch light on throughout the whole night. Turn it off before you go to bed, just as your neighbors do. In addition, you may want to invest in infrared sensors that make lights automatically turn on whenever they detect motion.

When Anxiety Takes Over

If you’re home alone and you feel anxious, it’s probably better to turn off the porch light. Many burglars stalk a property for days or even weeks in a row before deciding to take action. If they notice that you’re on your own, they might pick that time to break into your house.

If Your House Is In A Rural Area

In this situation, it’s best to keep the porch light off during the high. Intruders will have a hard time finding their way around, so you’ll know they are coming.

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