Incredible Benefits of Lanscape Lighting You Need to Know

In recent years landscape lighting has become all the rage. People are seeing the increased benefit of spending time outdoors. With crazy work schedules and shortened daylight hours in winter months, a lot of this time maybe after the sun has gone down. Here you will find just a few of the major benefits that landscape lighting can provide to you and outdoor lighting ideas to make the most of your space.

People that wish to commit crimes prefer areas that aren’t well lit. Additionally, you will be reducing the number of bugs that gather near your entryways. Insects are attracted to the light source, and having it further away from your homeless will enter when you do. There are many ways to approach this style of lighting, but the best way is to experiment and plan. Illuminate your yard with landscape lighting and think of how the light affects your home’s appearance so that you can have all three benefits at once.

Lighting can also be used to increase personal safety. By strategically using light along various paths in the front or back of your home, you are reducing the chances of someone being injured. It also enhances the appearance of the walkway. One option is to use solar lights for this so that there is no wiring required. You also don’t have to worry that by using it, you will be increasing your energy bill or carbon footprint.

Patio and porch lighting options have come a long way as well. Instead of having to have a large overhead light to increase visibility, you could use other options that are now available. There are recessed lighting options that can be installed into a deck to create a soft light that still illuminates the space. You can also purchase fixtures that can be rotated in various directions so that you can have it pointing in the exact direction that you want it without having to have fixtures through the entire space. There are landscape lighting you’ll love in 2020 and can help to make your space just as enjoyable at night as the indoors.

While landscape lighting can increase the enjoyment that you have in your backyard, it can also increase the value of your property. People can see that you have put in this effort in enhancing the living space of your home and then imagine themselves enjoying it. It also can be used to increase security, which is a major selling point these days. The lighting itself can be extremely affordable, yet increase the overall value of your home due to street appeal. Whether you are considering selling your home sometime soon or may in the future, it is an investment that is worth making.

Some may feel that they do not even know where to begin with enhancing their outdoor space. Fortunately, countless resources are available online as well as through retailers. Take the time to look at your outdoor space and consider what you would like. From there you can search to see if there are products that can meet your needs, on outdoor lighting Houston. Chances are you just a few clicks away from having an amazing outdoor space.

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How to Illuminate Your Yard with Landscape Lighting

Do you want to make your front yard or backyard more inviting? A simple way to do this is by using landscape lighting. Keeping your yard well lit doesn’t only allow you to enjoy it both during the day and at night, but sufficient lighting drives away pests and rodents as well. Adding lighting fixtures in your yard, however, isn’t as straightforward as you might imagine. This guide is meant to help you do the necessary preparations and choose the perfect landscape lighting you’ll love in 2020.

Identify the purpose of adding landscape lighting

Before you go shopping for landscape lighting, you should first determine why you want to light up your yard. Do you want the kind of lighting that sets a romantic mood for dinner dates? Is there are a dark area you want to illuminate for security concerns? Or perhaps you need to light up the path that leads to your garden? Answering these questions allows you to narrow down your list so you won’t feel lost when it comes time to shop.

Make a sketch

This seems troublesome, but a sketch of your yard makes it easier to envision how landscape lighting can create the transformation you have in mind. Be sure to add sketches of any existing lights, trees, shrubs, buildings, benches, vegetation, and decorations. Take note that all of these reflect and absorb light, so they will have an impact on the new lighting fixtures you plan on installing. There are lots of outdoor lighting ideas to make the most of the space that you can do.

Plan where the landscape lighting will go

Now that you have a clear idea of the purpose behind landscape lighting, it’s time to decide where they should go. A pole-type lamp proves perfect for illuminating a bench in your yard. Hiding lighting under shrubs sets the perfect mood for romantic dinner dates. Small lighting fixtures can be added to the path leading to your garden, marking its boundaries to guide users along the way.

Set a budget

Now that you have a clear idea of the purpose and the incredible benefits of landscape lighting. it’s time to decide where they should go. A pole-type lamp proves perfect for illuminating a bench in your yard. Hiding lighting under shrubs sets the perfect mood for romantic dinner dates. Small lighting fixtures can be added to the path leading to your garden, marking its boundaries to guide users along the way.

Best Landscape Lighting Options

Mounting Lights

If you want an efficient lighting fixture that offers excellent area coverage, then mounting lights should rank on top of your list. These lights are designed to focus light from the top to the bottom. You can place them on top of poles, trees, or other tall structures.

Fairy Lights

Perhaps the most popular type of backyard lighting is fairy lights. What makes them an attractive option is that they double as decorative pieces in your yard. They come in a range of styles and sizes, so you can choose based on your unique requirements. In Houston outdoor lighting are perfect for filling in gap areas that need more lighting.


If you want something a little more traditional, then lanterns are a worthy consideration. Many lanterns today are lit by LED candles. They offer a timeless appeal that can transform lawns and patios in an instant.

Highlighting Borders

Highlighting backyard borders is a growing trend, and you might want to do the same in your yard. Your best option here is to use LED strips, which can make your yard look larger than it is when installed in the right places. They’re energy-efficient as well, so you wouldn’t have to worry about ramping up your bills even when several strips are installed. Be sure to get the waterproof variety.

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Outdoor Lighting Can Enhance Your Houston Home’s Appearance

Landscape Lighting In Houston Can Make Your Home Look More Beautiful & Safe

Outdoor lighting can make a big difference in the appearance of your home after the sun goes down. Creating a well-designed lighting plan for your outdoor space can make your home seem more inviting at night.

Lighting up a landscape involves more than just sticking a few lights in the ground. A lot of times, people mistakenly believe that they can take on outdoor lighting projects themselves. As a general rule of thumb, however, working with a professional is usually a far better option. A skilled landscape lighting designer can create a plan that beautifully enhances your home and your outdoor space. Best of all, they can usually do it for a fraction of what you would have spent if you tried to do it yourself. The right outdoor lighting can transform your space, creating a safer and more attractive home.

The Top Reasons To Install Landscape Lighting

  • It makes your home more attractive by brightening up your outdoor space and enhancing key features in your landscape.
  • Good outdoor lighting increases safety.
  • Professionally-designed landscape lighting can transform your outdoor space, making it feel much more like a resort.
  • Landscape lighting can boost the resale value of your property.
  • Well-lit properties are less likely to be burglarized than properties with dark outdoor spaces.
  • Lighting can help keep unwanted pests like insects at bay.
  • You can work with a professional to create a lighting design that you love that still fits within your budget.

Landscape Lighting Can Make Your Home Much More Beautiful

Imagine how much more inviting your home would seem after dark if the pathway or sidewalk leading up to your entry was beautifully lit. Not only does this type of lighting improve safety by making it easier to see where you are walking but it also makes your home more attractive and welcoming.

Up-lighting can be used to enhance the features of your landscape or your home’s architecture. Lights like these can be placed next to walls, under windows, or near trees or shrubs. After dark, these lights draw attention to special features in your outdoor space, making your home look much more beautiful.

Like many other home-improvement projects, adding landscape lighting can boost the resale value of your home. Buyers are naturally drawn to properties that have this type of lighting in place. When people are shopping for a new home, they often visit after dark. If your home is beautifully lit, it will make it seem much more appealing to potential buyers, increasing the likelihood that you will get an offer right away.

Turn To Robert Huff Landscape Illumination For Landscape Lighting In The Houston Area

Robert Huff Landscape Illumination has been serving customers in the Houston area for more than three decades. Our outdoor lighting company, which is properly licensed and insured, is based in Houston. We also provide services for customers in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area. All of our team members put the needs of our customers first, helping to ensure that you get a beautifully-designed lighting plan that is attractive, practical, and reasonably priced. When you work with our company, you can rest easy, knowing that you are in good hands. We work hard to ensure that every customer is fully satisfied with the results we provide. Allow us to transform your outdoor space into something more beautiful today.

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A Guide For Hiring A Houston Landscape Lighting Expert

Things To Consider When Looking For A Landscape Lighting Professional In Houston

You have taken care of everything to ensure your home and landscape look their best. All that is left is the outdoor lighting that will illuminate and accentuate your landscape while providing some extra security. Working with a landscape lighting expert is recommended, but you need to choose the right expert to help you decide on your needs, budget and lighting desires. Before you start looking for an expert, there are some questions you need to ask yourself.

What Is The Purpose Of Having Outdoor Lighting Installed?

Think about the sole purpose of having the lighting. You might be looking to update the landscape or enhance a special feature. You may want to add security to your landscape along the paths and patio.

What Is Your Budget?

The budget is very important when it comes to landscape lighting. However, you will want to get the best for your purpose. Some companies have very affordable options on the market, but they will not always be the best quality.

What Look Are You Aiming For?

Do you want to illuminate the entrance to your home with pathway lights or do you want some LED lights for trees and bushes? There may be another purpose for the lighting that will help you determine what you want and need from your lights.

The Purposes Of Outdoor Lighting

There are a lot of reasons why you will want to install outdoor lighting. If you have a commercial property, you might need them for added security. Landscape lighting can deter potential criminal activity around your business. If you travel often for business, the lighting can also increase the safety for when you return.

While the location is often the most important aspect of real estate, landscape lighting can help with curb appeal. If you have a beautiful landscape you have spent a lot of time on, you will want to highlight it with low-voltage LED lights. If you have a water feature, you can use reflecting pool lights to make it stand out. The lighting can also be practical as you illuminate stairs leading to our home.

Water feature lighting is not restricted to fountains as pools and ponds can also benefit from the right lighting. An outdoor lighting expert will be able to design and install lighting that enhances the water feature without being too harsh. Creating a soft glow around the water feature can create a different atmosphere to space and invite you to spend more time outside.

The most practical purpose of outdoor lighting is to illuminate a pathway. When you are coming home or if you have guests over, you want them to be safe as they move around the house. Pathway lighting is the best way to ensure this as the lights guide people toward the house and you never have to worry about someone slipping on a paving stone because they did not see it correctly.

What To Look For In A Landscape Lighting Expert

Once you have considered your lighting needs, you need to look for a lighting expert to help you. As you will not buy a home without some research, you should not hire a lighting expert without doing your homework. The expert should not only have experience installing light fixtures, but they also need to know how to make them look good. Experts need to have knowledge of design and understand how lighting can provide the security you want.

When you research the experts in your area, you should consider the warranty offered on the lights they install. This will be the warranty offered on their work and not the manufacturer’s warranty. Any reputable expert will offer a prolonged or lifetime warranty on their work.

The expert should also be willing to work with you from the design phase to beyond the end of the project. They will want your home to look as beautiful as you have envisioned it. They also want to highlight all the hard work you have done to get your landscape looking its best.

While it is important that the expert and their team are skilled, they should also be creative in their design for your property. To determine their creativity, you should look at past work they have done. A creative approach can completely change the lighting design.

You also need to see how well they know their products and what to look for when installing outdoor lighting. They should consider light pollution and detail the steps they can take to reduce this. They should also understand what lighting works best with the plants you have as well as the features in your landscape.

When looking at their experience, you should try to find out how many commercial and residential landscapes they have worked on. Their website should provide you with some of this information and testimonials from past clients. The website also needs to detail the services that they offer.

The last step you should take when choosing an expert is to talk to people who have worked with them. People who have good experiences will be more likely to refer the company to people they know. Getting recommendations from friends and family is a good start, but you can also look online for reviews. Many experts have a list of references who you can contact, but they are unlikely to have any issues with the service provided.

If you want to spend more time in the outside space of your home, you need to look at hiring a landscape lighting expert. They can also help with the lighting around commercial properties. The expert should ask you about the purpose of the lighting or help you work through everything to determine your needs. Before you hire anyone, you should research them and consider an appointment to get to know them better.

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Why Outdoor Lighting Is So Important In Houston

Knowing The Importance Of Houston Exterior Lighting

Spring is here with us, and summer is just around the corner in a couple of months. And with the warm weather brings with it longer days – the ideal time for outdoor BBQ get-togethers and outdoor house parties! Entertaining people entails much more than offering good music, vibes, and food. You must consider your outdoor lighting, especially if the party you are hosting is at night. Possessing proper lighting to your deck or patio can add significant value to any household.

Basic Knowledge

As compared to how nighttime light is seen, the day’s lighting is different. Of course, t is essential that you have proper lighting during the night, especially in outdoor spaces and pathways. When selecting the right type of lighting, there are various principles you should keep in mind. For instance, light varies in color, emitted quantity, and intensity.

Regardless if you are using outdoor or indoor lighting, it is basically divided into three layers:

  • Overall: This illuminates an entire room or space.
  • Task: Utilized for a specific reason _I.e. lighting up a pathway)
  • Accent: Shines attention to an object or area – often accomplished with spotlights and floodlights.

There are several bulbs perfectly suited for outdoor fixtures:

  • Incandescent Bulbs: emits brilliant light but has a shorter lifespan; also consumes a lot of electricity
  • Halogen Bulbs: are similar to incandescents but are way more efficient; they use less energy and have a longer life.
  • Fluorescents: have a longer lifespan and are offered in more colors; energy efficient
  • LED Bulbs: have a long life but are more expensive; consume considerably less energy

Advantages Of Outdoor Lighting

  • Beauty: Having the proper outdoor lighting forms pleasing ambiance patios and decks. It also assists in making the home’s exterior aesthetic more appealing. It for sure adds a dash of elegance to it.
  • Security: By having outdoor lighting, you will be keeping your house secure. If your garages, entryways, and dark walkways are adequately illuminated, you see prospective anomalies and intruders easily.
  • Safety: Another essential advantage of having an outdoor lighting system is safety. By having your pathways properly lit during a house party, it will be easy for your guests to get around without losing their way or their step.

Robert Huff Landscape Illumination has more than 30 years of experience in landscape lighting scene in Houston. We are insured and a fully licensed outdoor lighting company situated in Houston, TX, and also offer outdoor lighting in the Austin, TX area. Our commercial and outdoor home lighting team is friendly and will work alongside you to make sure they tailor-make a lighting design that’s functional, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. For every job we do, we maintain a high level of responsibility, consistency, and high-level professional care. You can expect to get quality services each step of the way, as we change the ordinary to something special.

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Top Trends In Houston Outdoor Lighting

A Thoughtful Guide For Improving Your Exterior Lights In Houston

Outdoor living spaces are becoming havens for homeowners and this is partially due to advanced in exterior lighting. This lighting is now functional and attractive allowing people to spend more time outside even after the sun has set. While these lights are providing illumination, they can also draw attention from an outdoor problem spot and highlight your special features. Understanding the draw of outside lighting is easy, but you can become overwhelmed when it comes time to buy them. There seems to be an endless choice, but looking at trends can help you make up your mind.

Goodbye Bland

In the past, white lights were the best and often only option, but that has changed. Colour filters are now available that provide a palette of colors to complement your garden and entertainment areas. The filters can be used with white light to add some warmth or create a cooler tone. They can also create a dramatic setting and force attention to aspects of your landscape that you want to highlight.

Twinkling Little Lights

Another popular trend in outdoor lighting is small lights that are clustered together and hidden in plants. They are also draped over walkways to provide an attractive guiding light. This type of lighting can also add depth to the area and provide some understated accents to soften features in the landscape.

Statement Lights

On the other side of small lights are your bold statement lights. There are some incredible options that create colored orbs or glowing white light. These lights are relatively inexpensive, but they provide a very sophisticated look. They can also act as a great conversation starter when you have guests. If you want a bold but personal look, you should consider some novelty lighting. There are outdoor lights available with finishes connected to hobbies or that support the outdoor décor theme you have such as animals and nautical.

Lanterns For A Timeless Style

Lanterns are something that you can use at any time of the year. They have been a staple of outdoor lighting for years and are always in style. The design materials have also evolved to ensure they match the rest of your décor.

Environmentally Friendly Lighting

It is not surprising that many homeowners are looking for outdoor lighting that is also good for the environment. LED lighting is the best solution for anyone in this situation. This lighting is energy efficient and offers a long life with an expected usage rang of approximately 100,000 hours. The LED lighting also comes in a variety of options.

Another environmentally friendly option is solar-powered lights which have become more popular in recent years. These lights allow homeowners to take advantage of a renewable energy source while getting the light they need. These lights are also friendly on the bank account than many people imagine.

While adding lighting outdoors is a good idea, you do need to be careful. You should talk with an experienced electrician to determine what is suitable and to install the fixtures.

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Choosing an Outdoor Light Fixture for Your House: Tips and Tricks

Installing an outdoor light fixture adds curb appeal to your house, adds ambiance to your home, creates a unified look, and adds safety and security. Therefore, replace the dated, tired outdoor light fixtures with new ones. However, choosing an outdoor light fixture for your house is so stressful.

Here are things to consider when choosing an outdoor light fixture for your house and what is the best landscape lighting to match your taste.

1. Size

Do not select an undersized outdoor light fixture. It is important to install a fixture, which is the correct size for your house. Most people install an undersized fixture to save money. Measure the area where you want to install the fixture. Then, choose a light fixture that covers that area. Measuring the area makes it easier to choose the right light fixture.

2. Use LEDs

Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are very bright. However, LED lights are much better for outdoor spaces. Why? They use less energy. They do not affect the skin. They can last for a long time. And it easy to find LED lights that offer the same illumination as traditional bulbs.

3. Style

You should consider the architecture of your house when choosing the style of the light fixture. Outdoor home lighting comes in different styles such as casual, traditional, Southwestern, rustic, contemporary, and many more. Have a colonial-style house? Choose a traditional outdoor light fixture. Choose a style that is consistent with your house.

4. Outdoor Entertainment

Do you entertain your guests outdoor? Choose a lighting fixture that gives a soft glow. Do not choose a fixture that gives a bright light. Install a subtle, indirect lighting fixture in your outdoor rooms. Because it creates a restful mood. Choose the right lighting fixture if you want your guests to have fun.

5. Durability

It is easy to assume that all outdoor lighting fixtures are durable. However, that is not the case. Because some light fixtures are designed for use where there is no rain. And other light fixtures are completely weatherproof. If you are installing your outdoor lighting fixture, choose a durable light fixture, which is not affected by the weather.

6. UL Damp Rating

It is perfect for covering outdoor areas, which do not have direct exposure to rain, water, or snow. It handles moisture and damp areas. Therefore, it is perfect for outdoor rooms. If you have an outdoor kitchen, this is the perfect light fixture for your kitchen.

7. UL Wet Rating

It handles intense rain, ice, and snow. It also handles harsh, salty breezes from the ocean. It is a perfect outdoor light fixture because it is not affected by the rain. You can easily place it on an exposed deck and you will never have to worry about it. It works in any weather condition.

8. Security

Outdoor light fixtures provide ambiance. And they secure your house. Therefore, install a lighting fixture on all entry points of your house. Install a fixture, which illuminates your windows, side doors, and garage. If there are shadows around your house, install a lighting fixture that illuminates these shadows. If you are on a budget ask first how much does it cost for landscape lighting so you can prepare ahead of time.

9. Wattage

Most outdoor light fixtures are used after dark. Therefore, they consume energy for the whole night. That is why it is important to choose wattage, which fits your unique needs. If you are going to use your light fixtures for security purposes, choose a higher wattage bulb. If you are only using them to decorate your house, choose a lower wattage bulb.

10. Frosted Glass

Most people love clear glass for their outdoor lighting fixtures. However, frosted glass is a much better option because it uses a lower-wattage bulb, amplifies light, and saves energy. Also, it does not need regular cleaning because the frosting effect hides dust. Lastly, it reduces glare.

11. Local Requirements

Last, but not least, consider the local requirements before choosing an outdoor light fixture for your house. In some areas, you are not allowed to install any outdoor light fixtures you want. Therefore, it is important to check the regulations of your area before buying a light fixture.

These are what to consider when choosing an outdoor light fixture for your house. Now you know what are the best outdoor lights, choose a durable light fixture made of frosted glass because it reduces glare. And LEDs are perfect because they consume less energy and they can last for a long time.

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How Much Does it Cost for Landscape Lighting?

In Houston landscape lighting design can bring quite great features to your landscaping. Elegance might be what you’re looking for, but safety and security are certain things to look forward to as well. Lighting can accent fountains, trees, and even shrubs so the whole yard looks great, but pathway lighting and motion-activated illumination also mean your whole yard is safer for everyone. Given all this, it’s no wonder that you’re thinking about installing landscape lighting, although you’re also likely very curious about how much such an installation is going to set you back.

Things do vary based on your local market and the specific project that you have in mind. However, the average price across the national market for landscape lighting in 2020 is approximately $2,500.

While that’s the average price, you should note that the usual price range starts around $1,000 and up, with most projects landing between there and $5,000. Nearly all projects have a minimum of around $500, with maximum price points topping out at $10,000.

Another way to break it down is by the average price for each light that you want to put in. They typically cost $320 for each light.

The cost of $320 per light can be brought down some with volume savings, especially considering how each extra light usually spreads the labor costs out even further. A very typical lighting system uses a dozen lights, topping out at $2,500. Choosing an outdoor light fixture for your house can be stressful you need to pick the right piece since it’s quite pricy.

Design costs are something to factor in, as well. Landscape lighting designers usually charge from $200 up to $500 to come with a detailed plan and illustrations for either your DIY guidance or contractor use. Professional designers know where to best locate your fixtures for an amazing aesthetic once the project is done.

If you’re adding lights at the same time you’re doing new landscaping, it can cost less for the lights. This is because you can add lights without having to worry about anyone needing to repair your landscaping once the installation is done. Also, labor can be even cheaper since contractors save time. It helps when they don’t have to do any digging around obstacles to bury conduit.

Of course, adding lighting to your existing landscape is always a possibility. However, the project is likely to involve more work and getting your landscape back into shape. Both factors add to the costs. Ask first what are the best outdoor lights before investing.

The kind of bulbs or lights you choose also come into play into the cost considerations. Halogen lights might appeal to you initially since their starting price points are lower than LED fixtures. However, halogens need to get changed annually, so there is more upkeep over time.

Many contractors prefer high-caliber LED lights inside metal fixtures, given how they last longer and can have longer warranties. Consider the power savings of LED bulbs to save money over time. They draw far less juice than halogens, and they also last a lot longer.

An LED bulb can burn anywhere from 35,000 up to 50,000 hours. With 12 hours of daily use, every day of the year, that’s only 4,380 hours per year. That means LED bulbs can last a decade or more, compared to changing halogens every 12 months or so.

As mentioned earlier, how many lights you pick substantially determines the overall system cost. As a general rule of thumb, seven up to 10 lights will put you in the $2,000 up to $3,250 range, whereas a system with 20 or two dozen lights is more likely to start at $4,000. You need to know what is the best landscape lighting that would fit your needs so you won’t waste your money.

Your lighting system is likely to need a transformer, where 110 or 120-volt power is converted to 12VDC. The farther your lights are from this transformer, the dimmer they are going to be. An extra or bigger transformer can address this, but many homeowners also opt for the ‘natural’ look of lights being brighter the closer they are to the actual home. Transformers typically run several hundred dollars apiece.

One way you might be able to save money on the upkeep and recurring costs of your system is to use solar-powered lights. However, they might not shine all night, and you need to keep them out of shade so they can charge up enough.

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What Is The Best Landscape Lighting and it’s Different Types

Residential exterior lighting can turn a basic landscape into a masterpiece that everyone marvels at. However, lighting up your landscape of choice, be it your backyard, front yard, or outdoor garden, can be a daunting task especially if you have never done this kind of work before. But, there is no reason to fear or panic as this does not have to be the case. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of choosing the best landscape lighting for your property. We’ll highlight different types of landscape lighting setups and how you can use them to give your landscape a total makeover.

Landscape Lighting 101

The first lesson you need to learn about landscape lighting aside from knowing what are the best outdoor lights is that in many cases, less is more. This means that you can essentially light up everything you want without investing in tons of lights that will cause your power bill to skyrocket. Simply put, don’t wash your yard out with lights while trying to spice it up. This will only make it look work. You need to play around with both the light and the dark. This is how shadows take form and things that were otherwise hidden come into the light. A well-lit landscape can help you create a sense of comfort, security, and tranquility in your property.

What To Light and What Not To Light

When playing around with the light and the dark, you’ll need to figure out what to light in your yard and what not to light. Choosing an outdoor light fixture for your house is not easy. To achieve this, you’ll first need to identify specific features in your landscape that you like. It can be anything from a pond to a particular tree. You can use lights to highlight these features and sought to show them off. You can add intrigue to sections of your landscape that are often ignored or avoided. This section can be anything from a simple stone wall to a dull footpath. Highlight these sections can give them an entirely new personality especially at night.

Another factor you should consider is functionality. Certain parts of your landscape may need to be lit for purely functional reasons. These can be areas such as staircases, and footpaths. You’ll need to be able to see these things at night to be able to conveniently move about your yard at night. Also, entryways and exits should be adequately lit yo allow guests and family members to safely and conveniently access your home. You can create a warm and welcoming mood in your property by simply using certain types of landscape lights on your entryways and exits.

Types of Landscape Lighting

Now that you have established what you want to light up, the next step is choosing the specific type of lights you will use. Below are various types of lighting fixtures you can use for landscape lighting.

Path Lights

Probably the most popular type of landscape lighting, path lights are small light posts that are spread out along a footpath to illuminate the walkway. These lights can also be used to frame out space or feature in your landscape. They can also be configured around a pool or along a driveway.

Up Lighting

This is a lighting setup that’s commonly used together with trees and other tall structures to create drama. You can use this type of landscape lighting to highlight large and exotic trees in your compounds.

Silhouette Lighting

Silhouette lights give an amazing effect for highlighting features that are otherwise hidden during the day. You only need to place these lights behinds the objects or features you want to highlight and boom, they will become visible for all to see.

Shadow Lighting

This type of lighting is the opposite of silhouette lighting. Here, the lights are placed in front of the object or feature that you want to highlight. For this lighting setup, you will need to have a flat surface such as a wall behind the object being illuminated so that proper shadows can be formed.

Moon Lighting

This is a special type of landscape lighting that can transform your yard. The light source is usually positioned high up in trees while aimed downwards. The light washes down the branches and illuminates the ground below.

Now you have a few ideas of some landscape lighting options you can use to spice up your yard. You can now go forth and transform your landscape into a masterpiece. You can look around to visit stores and ask how much does it cost for landscape lighting.

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What are the Best Outdoor Lights for your Home?

Choosing an outdoor light fixture for your house serves an important function. Without them, we would not be able to see at night. The blessing of modern technology has made us able to use something more reliable than fire. Outdoor light is about more than providing us with a way to see at night. These lights make for excellent decorations. They can also enhance the decorations you already have. To be sure that lighting is the best it can be in your yard, it’s important to do your research. The taste you have may be different from someone who told you about a great option for yard lighting by word of mouth.

The functions that outdoor lighting serve are endless. They help us park in our driveway without running over our mailbox. They highlight beautiful trees and flower beds that otherwise wouldn’t be seen at night. These beautiful decorations make every yard perfect. To understand how they can enhance your yard, it’s important to know what you’re going to use them for. Do you have a stone path? Many homeowners are buying outdoor lights to make it possible to step on the stones and not the grass at night. It is important to know what is the best landscape lighting. Here are the 5 best outdoor lights you can find in-store or on the internet:

Muse Outdoor Lamp Battery Powered

This lamp provides more than light, it is also a beautiful decoration. With the modern and artsy look of its X design, it is sure to look excellent on the side of any swimming pool. The handle on the lamp makes this light extremely easy to transport. They provide a dim light, so they may not be the best option if you need high lighting in the area. While they are referred to as a table lamp by the company, they are certainly big enough to be put on the ground.

Halley Floor To Floor Lamp

This lamp is designed to look like an arch. It is perfect to go over a chair or a hammock. Those who would like to read a book in their backyard at night need adequate lighting to do so. This light goes straight over the chair and makes it possible to see the pages. This light is also perfect to go over seating arrangements. Beautiful lights are completely necessary at a wedding reception. The Halley Floor light provides it perfectly. Look for light companies in Houston as they will help you if you need any assistance with the lightings.

Daylight Table Lamp

This is a chandelier lamp. No one would have ever thought it possible to have one of these in the backyard. It’s so beautiful to look at you almost don’t care about its function; however, it provides enough light for any guest to be able to see their plates. It also creates an enchanting look when it is put in the middle of the yard for decoration. An elegant rose garden couldn’t possibly have a better mate than this outdoor light. While it may seem delicate, it is almost completely weather resistant. Only extreme weather conditions can harm this light.

So Fresh Led

At great parties, there is always wine. Too bad it’s so hard to see the bottle in the dark. This light is perfect for parties were adult drinks are served. The led light is a wine holder. You will be sure to delight all the guests who are 21 and older with this beautiful way to display it.

#5 Point Led

This light is perfect to place along pathways. It is a small light that is put on the ground. It looks sort of like a mini hill. It is battery powered, so cords aren’t necessary. The lights can be placed along the stone path to make it possible to see the stones while you’re walking down it. It also has a color-changing feature as most led lights do. You can pick out the color that suits your path the best. It also helps as you won’t get bored.

Which To Choose?

If you’re worrying how much does it cost for landscape lighting you should canvass first to see what fits best for you. All of these are excellent lights. As you can see, they all serve different purposes. Pick the one that’s right for you and go with it. These lights are more than just functional, they’re incredibly aesthetically pleasing. You’ll love the look and your guests will too.

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